Dataseam and Participating Partner School Districts have built and manages one of the most powerful high performance computing environments in the world to benefit education, research and economic development in Kentucky.
High Performance Computing leverages 14,000 computers operating in 39 school districts across the state. This innovative and efficient computing resource supports nearly 180,000 students and supplies 30 research teams with more processing power than super computers at the state’s two largest research universities combined. The DataseamGrid provides enough processing to complete 6 years worth of research* in 3 hours.


Unique and Critical Resource tied to over $40 million in federally funded research grants has helped create and contribute to one of the country’s largest cancer drug development pipelines with 40 active targets producing 5 technologies licensed to biotech firms and one potential anticancer drug using these methods in clinical trials.
Opportunities for Students include millions of dollars in student college scholarships, project-based teacher professional development programs and workshops; technology support for state-wide education programs; and support for STEM focused Aerospace and Biotech education pipelines in the state.


Participating Partner School Districts have received over $25 million in computers and millions more in training, educational programs and technical support. DataseamGrid Map shows the school districts and activity in near real time. http://www.kydataseam.com/map


* Running research on one desktop computer would take approximately six years to complete.