Ideas for the Language Arts Classroom An online, graphical dictionary.  Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate. Colorful, fascinating, and  exciting language connections.

Read Write Think.  RICH source, a very good site for Language Arts resources.  Teachers can search for Interactive Activities and Lesson Plans by filtering specific grade levels, learning objectives and standards, or even calendar specific activities. For example, a high school English class studying poetry can use online tools to demonstrate knowledge of Acrostic, Diamante, or Letter Poems. Or a 5th Grade English class could use the activities for Circle-Plots Diagrams.

Shakespeare App Romeo+Juliet: The Shakespeare App.  Available on iTunes. Read the play, read its English source texts, read critical materials on the play, explore Shakespeare’s vocabulary, and experience a full range of multimedia associated with the play. This App is a derivative of, the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project, and great site for English teachers exploring, introducing, or studying Shakespeare.

Wordia Use Wordia to search for vocabulary, videos, and games that enhance learning in the Language Arts classroom and bring words and meaning to life. This site features Game-based learning and lesson plans. You can even upload videos of yourself or your students.

Bubbl A dedicated space for mind mapping and brainstorming.

Lit Trips  Through Google Lit Trips, Classical works, modern literature, and wordless primary illustrations are given new life, new access, and a critical new perspective for classrooms.  Media, literature, and the earth itself converge here exploring authors, books, and their timeless characters. These trips create engaging and relevant literary experiences for students. They are designed to stimulate higher level thinking skills and to connect the story’s themes and messages to the issues of the real world in which students live.

Book Creator BookCreator for iPad.  Students can easily and intuitively create an eBook directly on the iPad. Foreign Language teachers can have students create a simple picture book in another language for use with primary school students. 1stGraders can create their own Read Along Audiobook, Book Creator is an app that takes the concept of transformative teaching and learning to heart.  A few more examples:

a. Students create their own textbooks, collaborating as each student contributes a chapter/topic/theme. The iBook shelf hosts and organized the library of all self-created books.

b. High School Students can publish an essay or poetry anthology of their work.

c. Have students connect with the Art teacher to have students create the accompanying illustrations for any book (For example, a group of first graders are going to be creating a book about the life cycle of the butterfly. They will illustrate the illustration during Art)  This is an GREAT site for the English Teacher. By utilizing the FREE services, educators can search thousands of resources.  For example, search the Literature Category for Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, and you’ll not only find simple summaries, themes, quiz and essay ideas, but you’ll find links to the Scholastic Site where students can play online games based on character decisions in the books. Teachers can view the “Best of the Web” for every single book on the site, by title or author. It suggests ways to engage your students in many different mediums: lists of photos, movies, video & audio clips, and websites. How about playing a recording of T.S. Eliot reading “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” aloud?

WriteRhymes Very cool tool for all ages. As you write, option-click on a word to find a rhyme. Simple, easy, fun. All work can be saved, copied, or printed.