Ideas for the Math Classroom This FREE online Math Practice Program is built on state standards, allowing students to demonstrate what they know in a familiar format.  Teachers can manage daily work, progress, and pinpoint where a student is struggling.

YouTube:  use YouTube to introduce a concept to students, show a real-life example, or view student-made lessons.  Use to narrow your search, then use to present your video without ads, comments or other distractions.

The Khan Academy has (Free) extensive videos and practice exercises to assist in teaching all aspects of math, from Developmental Math through Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Differential Equations.  These are colorful and relatively short. Teachers can create a dashboard for monitoring student progress.  Students can earn badges for accomplishments as they work through concepts.

Visit TechTrekers and incorporate Educational Simulations into your Class: This site has many great simulations and games to use for all levels of math – The Stock Market Game, The Megapenny Project (K-4), Powers of Ten, Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, Virtual Polyhedra and much, much more!

iTunesU is a fantastic sources for Math teachers. By simply visiting the iTunes Store and searching “Math,” you can then filter by media types. For instance, check out Seth Sorensen’s Math Guy Podcast. This podcast takes a look at the fun ways in which mathematics can be used in the classroom. It also poses some situations in which students must look at solving problems from a new perspective. Students will enjoy The Math Dude, Quick and Dirty Tips to make Math Easier. His podcast is useful for students who need a different way to think about Math, using visual examples and tips.

Glogster.Edu is an online “digital collage tool” that many Dataseam Teachers have enthusiastically incorporated into their classrooms. The Multimedia Glogsters take students “beyond the posterboard.” Students not only display knowledge of a subject and express their creativity, but their technology skills are enhanced as well. These Glogsters can be embedded into the Classroom Website or Blog! Watch the Glogster Story for more info:

Introduce a concept through . This vast collection of “Ideas worth sharing,” explores the sciences, arts, and technology, presented through talks and videos. For example, do you need a physical representation of hyperbolic geometry? Check out this talk in which Margaret Wertheim leads a project to re-create the coral reefs using a crochet technique invented by a mathematician – based on the difficult concept of hyperbolic geometry:

Find a video on MathTrain Some of these videos are actually created BY students.

Incorporate Math Apps either IN the classroom or as HOMEWORK:

  1. MathBoard teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for K-Elementary. Many customization options for teachers to control what the students are learning:
  2. Elementary Kids will love: Rocket Math, Math Wizard, and MathDrills.
  3. Middle/High School Multiplication: Beat the Computer – McGraw-Hill
  4. Grafly: Graphing calculator for the iPod or iPhone
  5. Tangram XL (Free): teach geometric shapes and concepts
  6. myAlgebra
  7. Geogebra – Free Math Software for Teaching and Learning.

Conceptua Math “These interactive, visual fractions tools are ideal for teacher-facilitated, whole-class instruction in fractions, “Number Talks” and for parents supporting their students at home. Each math tool is supported by Common Core State Standards alignment, key vocabulary, and IEP goals.

Online Quadratic Equations puzzle and much  more!  This teacher also has a pretty good website with loads of information and helpful resources for the mathematics educator.

Other recommended MATH sites:  (geometry),  and .

iMovie or Photobooth:  Have students work collaboratively, demonstrating or teaching a concept with the wonderful the iLife Tools. The ShowMe App:  and ScreenChomp are apps that could enhance this project.

Visit Real World Math. This page was not only created by a teacher with iWeb, but it is a GREAT source for incorporating Google Earth into your math lessons. It takes you through the lessons, provides free downloads, a blog and much more.