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Expanding School Technology Requires Advanced Certification

(Louisville, Kentucky) – District technology specialists from across the state recently earned a macOS Support Essentials certification.

School districts receive computers, technical and education training, as well as student college scholarships and other benefits as part of the Dataseam Program.  Dataseam has provided Kentucky schools over 26,000 computers and trained over 8,000 educators and technicians.  Because of this effort Kentucky has the largest number of Apple System Engineers per capita in the United States.

“The education sector is one of Kentucky’s largest employers and one of its largest consumers of technology. We don’t always think of education as an industry segment but these technology professionals employed in Kentucky’s K-12 schools are part of the Commonwealth’s next-generation workforce,” said Brian Gupton, Dataseam CEO.

Dataseam built and manages one of the most powerful high-performance computing environments in the world.  Kentucky K-12 school districts and 3 universities across the state work with Dataseam to enhance education, research and economic development in Kentucky.  http://www.kydataseam.com/about

The new computers will be in math, science, engineering and testing classrooms across the state.  When not being used by students the the computers lend their computing power to the DataseamGrid which runs advanced cancer drug discovery efforts for the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

At the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center, researchers and physician scientists work to create new and more effective approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, delivering the most advanced treatments to cancer patients with compassion and respect. https://uoflbrowncancercenter.org


Seeking Stars At Morehead Space Science Center

(Morehead, Kentucky) – An eager group of students from Whitley County, Elliott County, Paducah Tilghman, and Jenkins Independent visited the Space Science Center at Morehead State University looking for a future in space.  The center at MSU is a world leader in small satellite development and tracking.

According to Space Science Director, Ben Malphrus students not only get a solid academic foundation, but they also work on projects like the current Lunar IceCube which is scheduled to go to the moon next year in search of lunar ice.  This is an important step in man living on the moon and moving further on to mars.

Students and parents alike had no idea that the space is one of the leading industries in the state of Kentucky, larger than bourbon, autos or horse racing.  Bigger yet for the potential students is that Morehead University Space Science program plays a significant role in producing experienced graduates who are in high demand across the country.

Students from schools in the Dataseam program interested in studying Space Science or other STEM related fields are eligible for the DataseamScholar at Morehead State University program which helps with tuition.  Application is due December 15, 2019 and further details and application can be found at https://moreheadstate.awardspring.com.

Win for Kentucky Students, Cancer Research and Economy. (Video)

(Louisville, Ky) – Thousands of computers in Kentucky K-12 schools work together as part of the DataseamGrid to find potential new cancer drugs.  Professor John O. Trent, PhD discusses how scientists at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center have leveraged this computing resource to create one of the largest pipelines of potential new cancer therapies in the world.


Academic Fun at Morehead State University Summer Camps

Checkout the lineup of 2018 summer camps offered by Craft Academy at Morehead State University.  SPACETREK, Space Science for young women.  BLAST OFF, design an experiment to go to the International Space Station.  THE FINAL CUT, film making workshop.  TAKE FLIGHT, build, fly and race drones.  For a complete listing of camp information and registration visit.  http://www.moreheadstate.edu/Academics/Craft-Academy/Summer-Programs-and-Camps

Deadline for registration extended to April 30.


Wild Winners of the 2018 Dataseam Sci-Fi Project

New worlds.  New ways of viewing our world.  New ways to go forward or not.  The Dataseam Si-Fi Project recognizes the blend of science and imagination that creates an important genre of Science Fiction.  We have to imagine the world before we can create it.  We have to see the possibilities before we can work toward making them real.

Best of Show Winner – The Weapon

Writing Winner – Mazatlan

Movie Winner – The Time Ripple

Visual Art Winner – Guardian Rofaz

Visual Art Merit Award – Trappist-1

Movie Winner (Middle School) – The Chronicles of Schneidonia

Congratulations to winners of the 2018 Dataseam Sci-Fi Project.  Thank you to all the entries who shared their talent and insight.

The Kentucky Aerospace Industry accounts for billions of dollars in exports every year and Morehead State University Space Science program is a world leader in small satellite development, testing and tracking.


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