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The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts: The Grid of Kentucky Artists

Just like the DataseamGrid powers important research with trillions of calculations each second, the Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA) is a grid empowering a network of proud Kentuckians, artists, creatives, and innovators. Now, with nearly 6,000 alumni, the resources and training that GSA provides students is evident in every region of Kentucky, the country, and the world.

While our alumni have a long list of distinguished artistic achievements (among them: performing at the Metropolitan Opera, illustrating for The New York Times, and publishing award-winning novels), GSA emphasizes that our students can leverage their creativity to achieve great accomplishments in a variety of fields. Nearly 40% of program alumni study a non-arts related field in college, and GSA alumni are leaders in business, education, medicine, government, and many other areas beyond the creative industry.

GSA also creates a life-long connection to Kentucky. 59% of students attend an in-state school; countless alumni have returned to Kentucky to start businesses in their home towns; and alumni outside of the state return as visiting artists and remain advocates for the region.

Your students can join this grid and be a part of the legacy of Kentucky artists! Please encourage your students to apply to the 2018 Summer Program. See below for more details.

More about the GSA Summer Program
Every summer for the last 30 years, GSA has guided over two hundred of Kentucky’s finest young artists through three weeks of incredibly intense (and incredibly fun) arts instruction. Residing on a college campus, the students discover the power of their art and their opportunity as an artist to make a lasting impact on their community and their world. It’s a thrilling, often life-changing experience, as they meet new friends, explore their craft, and learn to empower themselves as creative citizens.
Who Should Apply
High school sophomores and juniors with a passion for art should apply. Students may apply in up to two of GSA’s nine art forms (Architecture + Design, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Film + Photography, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre, Visual Art, and Vocal Music.)

How to Apply

  1.  Read the detailed Audition/Review requirements in the applicant guide for your Art Form(s).
  2. Click Apply Now, where you will be taken to our preliminary round portal Acceptd.
  3. Complete the recommendation process first in Application Part 1 — Recommendation Forms
  4. Prepare your Application materials to submit in Application Part 2.
    Always refer back to your art form requirements.in the applicant guide.
  5. All materials (application with art form requirements, recommendations) must be received by January 12, 2018.
  6.  Attend the final round in the spring if you are notified as a finalist. (Finalists are notified on February 28.)
  7. Final Round for the 2018 Summer Program will be March 23 & 24 in Danville, KY at Centre College.

Link to Online Brochure: https://issuu.com/thekentuckycenter/docs/gsa_2018_brochure_/1?ff=true&e=4292902/54039690

Link to GSA Website: www.kentuckycentergsa.org

Link to Application: https://app.getacceptd.com/kentuckycentergsa

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/kygsa

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kygsa/

Have questions: call the GSA helpline at 502-566-5192 or email gsainfo@kentuckycenter.org

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Crash Course In Modern Visual, Audio Communication – WKU MTN Workshops 2017

(Morehead, Kentucky) – Teachers from Lawrence, Meniffee, Lee, and Ohio Counties spent three long and productive days honing their skills in modern communications.  Today’s student is required to use visual, audio, text, speech, and all forms of communication to successfully navigate today’s working world.  The 2017 Western Kentucky Mountain Workshops Teacher Track exposed educators to an array of tools and techniques.

As you can see from the photos below, this was a sun up to well past sun down, hands-on workshop that pushed teachers out of their comfort zones and presented new opportunities for their students.  While much of the workshop is focused on photojournalism, it is really a program on CRITICAL THINKING.  Analyze.  Take appropriate action.  Evaluate.  Adjust.  Achieve best results.

It is hard to explain this experience, but we wanted to share some of the knowledge you can benefit your students.  Here are a series of links to video resources:

Basics of Photography  http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=738  Complete with downloadable presentation showing basic composition, lighting and ways to make more interesting, engaging and memorable photos.

Story Telling http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1052

Sound http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1051

Lighting http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1050

Illustrating Your Point http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1049

Editing http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1048

The Interview-Better Story Telling  http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1053  All the help you need to produce better video interviews.  Sound is important.  Preparation is critical.

The Process  http://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=714  How to organize your students to help them evaluate information, create ideas, outline a story and produce a meaningful project.

2017 WKU Mountain Workshops  http://mountainworkshops.org

2017 WKU Mountain Workshops Video  https://vimeo.com/240334679?ref=fb-share&1




Kentucky Students Learning To Control The Modern Micro World – And Blinky Lights

(Hazard, Ky) – This summer’s Modern Maker Workshop (Electronics and Programing with Micro-controllers), was a big hit for attendees at the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky in Hazard. Students learned a broad range of electronic, programming, coding and concepts by building a series of projects. CLICK HERE to see an outline of the curriculum. Middle and High School students got their hands and minds around fundamentals that measure and control products that drive our modern world. They also had some fun with LED lights, video game design and blinking lights and sounds.

Watch the video to hear what they learned and built.


Where The Rubber Meets The Road.

(Williamsburg, KY) – The DataseamGrid is comprised of thousands of computers working 24-hours a day to help researchers find new treatments for cancer. We talk about thousands of teachers benefiting from Dataseam workshops. We point with pride to industry-standard Certified Technicians supporting school technology. We highlight Dataseam Scholarships supporting college students. Sometimes it is nice to look at what these students have accomplished. Craig Roaden – In His Own Words.

My name is Craig Roaden. I am a graduate of Whitley County High School and the University of Louisville. I am currently employed as a Process Technician for Michelin North America. I work at Michelin’s premier facility for cutting-edge Ultrahigh Performance tirelines in Greenville, South Carolina. I could not have achieved these feats and paved a way for a rewarding future without the help of Dataseam initiatives and scholarship programs. These opportunities have allowed me to embrace new technologies and prepare myself for the advancements that the workforce demands.

The Dataseam Scholars program at the University of Louisville helps students from participating school districts chase their dreams.  Apply Today.

Dataseam supports many Kentucky high schools with grants and funding to promote interest of students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Our school system (grade schools to high school) has used this funding to update our classrooms and integrate new technologies and computer systems into our curriculum. I had personal involvement taking computer programing and multimedia applications courses my senior year. I am a firm believer that exposing students to technology and STEM career possibilities will motivate them to succeed in their careers and higher education goals. Having access to these databases and equipment helped affirm my choice to seek higher education in engineering. The support from my family and foundations in our community and school system helped me become an Eagle Scout, Kentucky Governor Scholar, Commonwealth Ambassador, and a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels all before high school graduation.

As a high school scholar in Kentucky, Dataseam opened many doors for my future. Dataseam provides scholarships for students, like me, to help educate themselves in STEM fields. With the scholarship assistance from Dataseam, I was able to financially afford to remain in-state and attend the University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering. Remaining in-state allowed me to stay close to my family and support Kentucky’s universities. With the help and support of Dataseam’s presence at UofL, I was offered a variety of networking among faculty, staff, and provosts across the UofL campus I would not have otherwise known. These relationships helped blossom in my involvement in many campus societies and groups including the Golden Key Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, etc. As a Dataseam scholar, I quickly became involved with the admissions department as a campus shadow host and student ambassador. University of Louisville does a magnificent job in welcoming future students and answering their questions. I have been honored to serve at college fairs and student panels to help parents and students alike prepare for the college transition and learn about opportunities available through programs like Dataseam. In 5 short years I have earned a B.S. and Masters of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and graduated debt-free. I thank Dataseam involvement in my education and helping utilize my time on campus. I am very thankful to enter the workforce without any student debts holding me back. I earned the W.S. Speed award for substantial contributions to the Speed School community as well as a J.B. Speed Alumni Award. I am chasing my dreams and becoming the adult and contributing citizen I am proud to be.

Not only has Dataseam been an inspiration and a foundational block in my education and successes, but it also allows opportunity for students like me to give back to the community, local universities, and the state as a whole. Dataseam has a strong role in supporting the local cancer centers and a well-known university presence. Dataseam seeks to educate the masses and support local families and schools and nourishing young minds to seek new and exciting careers of the future in engineering and scientific fields by helping them get grants and funding for higher education and new opportunities. I strongly urge you to continue the narrative of the hundreds of students, scholars, cancer patients, and engineers like myself that have benefitted from this company’s continual work.

Craig Aaron Roaden, Process Technician for Michelin North America

Demanding and Rewarding Visual/Audio Communication Skills Workshop- Register Now

The Dataseam Teacher Track at Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops is a rare opportunity for educators to improve their ability to think and communicate visually – October 24-28, 2017 in Morehead, Kentucky.

While this digital media workshop focuses on photo, video and recorded communication, it will give you the skills, vocabulary and tools to help students process information, come to a conclusion and communicate a meaningful message in any subject.

This is a hands-on workshop. You will learn how to operate your camera; basic composition and lighting of good photos; fundamentals of visual story telling; and discuss how to integrate those skills into your classroom.

Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops bring together shooting, editing and writing coaches from across the country — from The New York Times, from the Los Angeles Times, from National Geographic and a host of other media, to guide trainees and produce professional level content.

The Dataseam Teacher Track runs from Tuesday at noon to Friday 4:00 pm (October 24-27). You will spend sun up to sun down with professional journalism and photojournalism coaches, learning to capture attention and strongly communicate a story using words, photography and video. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with top-notch writers, photographers and film-makers from across the country.

You will never attend a more demanding or professionally rewarding workshop.  Hear what past attendees have to say.

This is open to Dataseam Participating Partner school districts. There is no workshop fee and most meals are covered. You will need to stay in the Morehead area.

If interested please send an email to (education@kydataseam.com). Include two sample photos you have created, along with a brief outline of what you teach and what you plan to gain from this experience. Deadline September 8, 2017.