The DataseamGrid is a unique cloud-based computing environment that powers important research with trillions of calculations each second. The DataseamGrid efficiently uses processors in thousands of desktop computers in classrooms across Kentucky when students are not using the machines. This system allows computers to do double duty for education and research.
Proprietary Software.  Developed by Dataseam, dGrid Software tracks and manages each computer, job, task and network flow. Each machine reports in multiple times a day and jobs can run across any of the computers from Pikeville to Union in more than 160 locations across Kentucky.  CLICK HERE to see research activity on the grid in near real time.
Monitoring District Computers.  The is a simple online tool to monitor each district computer including most recent heck-in, current on/offline status, and various system values (memory, free disk space, etc.).  This not only helps the research run more efficiently, but also helps local technicians support academic achievement in each school. CLICK HERE to login to your resource and tracking page