Dataseam Educators are constantly exploring the use of technology in the classroom, searching for ways to enhance each student’s experience, to connect and speak their language, and extend the classroom walls far beyond brick and mortar. Dataseam works with educators to unleash the power of technology in the classroom. We help them master the use of digital tools to transform classroom instruction and move minds far beyond traditional classroom walls. Join us in our discovery as we share, explore, connect, experiment, question, and LEARN.
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Resources The ways to use technology in the classroom are limitless. Not only does it expand the walls of the classroom, but prepares students for college and careers. We have developed a list of potential resources to help you get started. Explore Resources
Student Opportunities Kentucky students have tremendous opportunities for college and career readiness. From scholarships and summer workshops to projects and student showcases, the possibilities for student involvement are many. Explore opportunities
The Digital Classroom In this hands-on workshop, educators will learn to create multimedia classroom projects. Participants will use iLife to transform lesson plans into digital learning experiences that incorporate the common core standards. “The Digital Classroom” is for teachers ready to integrate technology into their classroom and expand the classroom experience for students. The Digital Classroom
Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) Complete industry training, testing and certification designed to support Apple operating systems, enterprise administration skills and applications. More.
WKU Mountain Workshops Area teachers get a chance to study with Pulitzer winning photographers from across the country, sharpening their digital story telling skills. More.