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The Dataseam Learning Library contains resources for teachers and students. Developed in collaboration with Participating Partner Schools, Universities and Organizations, this collection of programs, examples and content is for sharing.
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Warped World
by: The Academy @ Shawnee Middle School

Taevon stays up late playing video games, again. The next morning he is barely able to stay awake in class. While dreaming, he is transported to an alternate universe where everything he holds dear has drastically changed. In this dark and twisted universe, the technology police are out to get him. While searching for his two best friends, Javion and Daniel, Taevon makes a disturbing discovery – technology has evolved and robbed his friends of their identities.

Jaguar II: The Next MIssion
by: Joseph Falcon

A movie about a continued mission after it’s first spacecraft lost control and sunk into the ocean; Jaguar II will have new computers to prevent the loss of control and hacking which is what led to the deaths on board the first spacecraft. The FBI is given this case and has to find the hacker and arrest them before it’s too late to save Jaguar II.

The Dark Side of the Earth
by: Alan Lin and Benjamin Rose

After drilling too deep into the mantle of the Earth a team of engineers and scientists must fight to survive in a world that has become inhospitable to them.

Vachinas; The Space Elephant
by: Chad Krawiec

An illustration that represents an alien race.

Sculptris 3D Modeling Software and photoshop.


Genetic Journey
by: Makala Wright and Hope Mohon (Team)

Digital Photography; no photoshop

The Face of the Phases
by: Chasity Ritchie

Digital Photography Series using iPhoto/editing software.

A personal space series based on the phases of the moon.


by: Abby Coin

An original story about a society living on a distant planet named Prontius. The people that lived there once came from earth to occupy it, and have lived there for centuries. However, some people had chosen to stay on earth and still continue living there.

Years later, many people on Prontius decided that they wanted to go back to earth, knowing that some had stayed and continue residing there. Civil war broke out between the people who wanted to continue living on Prontius and the ones who wanted to go back to earth. The side that wished to continue living on Prontius won, and even though centuries have passed since the civil war, the politics are still complex and all space crafts are banned from leaving the planet.

The main character is a son of the leader of the main nation on Prontius. Both he and his lower class friend believe in going back to earth, despite the fact his parents enforce the idea of staying on Prontius. The characters had made a detailed plan to escape, however only one of them could go. The story takes place five years after she made the escape.

Martian Malady
by: Mazie Coomes

Everything is going smoothly on Mars  until a race decides to invade and colonize it. This may have been okay until the martians realize that the invaders brought something along with them.

The Arcadian Chronicles: Chapter 1 Liberation
by: Jeremy Webb and Bryce Hendrixson

A brief screenplay set in a steampunk universe where airships soar and tensions are high.

How Can we feed the world?
by: Cathy McCune

Students in the 6th grade Academy at Sebastian Middle School were met with a global question when they came to school this year.  How can we feed the world’s growing population?  To identify the problems with food availability, food justice and sustainable farming methods, students wrote a series of essays, conducted lots of research, went on a field trip,  and had a classroom visitor.  Students finalized their proposals through persuasive writing and a little engineering. Through this project-based thematic unit, students have improved in their ability to support arguments with claims and evidence through the investigation of a real-world problem.

Save the Earth
by: Henry Hunt (edit)

Student’s from Clay County Middle School were challenged to execute three engineering projects that would save the planet from an asteroid.  Assorted clips from student shot video documenting their experiments that day.

Life on Europa
by: Tigers C

In this story four scientists decided to go to Europa to discover life on Europa, when the fist mission had failed, they decided to go back, and when they did, they discovered life on Europa! The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Life on Mars
by: Tigers B

In this story four scientists decided to go to Europa to discover life on Europa, when the fist mission had failed, they decided to go back, and when they did, they discovered life on Europa! The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Discovery of Life on Mars
by: Tigers A

This is a Mars. There is problems story of a group of a 2 man team that fly to Mars to explore if there is life on that come along to this trip that they must overcome for them to be successful they must make sure that everything is 100% correct.

Humans Invade Mars
by: The Fast and the Curious (Amy Brewer, Andrew White, Jada Rice, and Lauryl Henson)

Interviews are conducted to find people to be part of the first Mars colony.

Green Hill Maggie’s Story
by: Henry Hunt

Executive Director at Green Hill Therapy talks about how belief in these children can accomplish many things. He has a special message about his daughter and the way the horse heroes and therapists have helped change her life.

Personal Essay Movie
by: Ashley Gorman

Ashley Gorman, an English Teacher at Hancock County High School, created a Digital Photo Essay assignment for her students.

The Multi-Modal Essays are meant to reveal traits central to the main characters.

Flight To Mars
by: Henry Hunt and Randy Evans

Digital classroom project where students create a film about a flight to mars incorporating basic science content. Fun way to use science, math, organization and creative skills.

Mya’s Story
by: Henry Hunt

Mya is a special little girl that has made great strides with Thunder to change her life. Mya’s mother tells the story.

Bradley’s Story
by: Henry Hunt

Mother tells the story of her son’s struggles and success. Green Hill has helped Bradley better communicate and become part of the family.

Dataseam and Associated Education Programs

Programmable Electronics: Real World Programming Using Microcontrollers – Hands-on course gives students a solid understanding of microcontrollers and sensors that are part of most every product we use today. Students learn by building and programming microcontrollers and sensors using Arduino Nano Controller.

WKU Mountain Workshops – Special Teacher Track associated with Western Kentucky University’s long running Photojournalism, Video and Writing workshops. Teachers work alongside industry professionals to build professional communication skills using photography and video.

Kentucky Science Fiction Project – In order to build the future you must be able to imagine it. Students create short science fiction projects to illustrate their view of what the future holds. Film, Art and Writing projects.

Cancer Research: Real World Biology – Supplemental biology curriculum and projects designed to give students a look at the people and processes of actual cancer researchers. Designed to reinforce core biology concepts with a brief lesson, activity and quiz. Can be done as a classroom or home activity.

Morehead State University Space Science Program –Aerospace is Kentucky’s larges export industry with over $9 billion. Morehead State University Space Science Program is producing student with the necessary skills and connections to secure high paying job and build careers in today’s economy.

Morehead State University 21st Century Education Enterprise – Through a series of professional development programs, TCEE works with K-12 teachers to build new skills focused on project-based learning. Programs improve teacher effectiveness, leadership and use of technology in the classroom.