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Kentucky Space Movie Projects
Save the Earth
by: Henry Hunt (edit)

Student’s from Clay County Middle School were challenged to execute three engineering projects that would save the planet from an asteroid.  Assorted clips from student shot video documenting their experiments that day.

Life on Europa
by: Tigers C

In this story four scientists decided to go to Europa to discover life on Europa, when the fist mission had failed, they decided to go back, and when they did, they discovered life on Europa! The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Life on Mars
by: Tigers B

In this story four scientists decided to go to Europa to discover life on Europa, when the fist mission had failed, they decided to go back, and when they did, they discovered life on Europa! The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

Discovery of Life on Mars
by: Tigers A

This is a Mars. There is problems story of a group of a 2 man team that fly to Mars to explore if there is life on that come along to this trip that they must overcome for them to be successful they must make sure that everything is 100% correct.

Humans Invade Mars
by: The Fast and the Curious (Amy Brewer, Andrew White, Jada Rice, and Lauryl Henson)

Interviews are conducted to find people to be part of the first Mars colony.

Flight To Mars
by: Henry Hunt and Randy Evans

Digital classroom project where students create a film about a flight to mars incorporating basic science content. Fun way to use science, math, organization and creative skills.

Intro MSU Space Science
by: Henry Hunt

Ben Malphrus introduces us to the Morehead State University Space Science degrees and opportunities. Undergraduate students build satellites that are launched into orbit.

MSU Space Science Center
by: Henry Hunt

MSU Space Science Director, Ben Malphurs talks about programs that are helping students put their finger prints in to space.

Inspired at MSU Star Theatre
by: Henry Hunt

The Star Theatre on the campus of Morehead State University is open to public. K-12 students from across the state enjoy experiencing the wonders of space. Contact Eric Thomas to schedule your class visit.

Super Novas
by: Henry Hunt

Dr. Pannuti talks about MSU students that are searching space and tracking Super Novas.

Tracking Climate with High Altitude Balloons
by: Henry Hunt

Professor Jerde outlines MSU program to track climate change using high altitude balloons.

Student Passion
by: Henry Hunt

Antonino Carnevali tells us about the passion needed for students to study space.

Rebel Innovators
by: Henry Hunt

Bob Twiggs of MSU Space Science Center discusses the rebel attitude that students must have to succeed in the new space age.

The Mission to the Beyond
by: Conner Loew

A team goes to space to collect minerals and they discover life on an asteroid. However, their trip on the asteroid didn’t go as planned…

Space Invaders
by: Conner Loew

Space Invaders is a movie about two astronauts are hand picked by the president to go to Mars (Mission to Mars). As soon as they blast off to mars an alien finds them and shoots them down. Violet Lynn and Indiana Solo have only one choose but to stop the evil Galapogos. With each other they kill Galapogos and return back to Earth.

The Space Savers Adventure
by: Conner Loew

Professor NerdNick and three other young teenagers meet a new type of species strange spaceship. Professor NerdNick tells the teens everything they needed to know to save the Earth from Ebolians. Will they survive or die together? It all depends on the act of bravery to save the Earth.

The First Trip to Mars
by: Conner Loew

In the movie Luke and Ashley are about to go to space and be the first humans on Mars. Suddenly, a computer virus named LUPA tries to kill them! Then, LUPA shuts down the water pressure and the alarm goes off. Next, he shuts off the air pressure and an astronaut comes in and throws Luke a flash drive. Luke puts it in the computer and defeats LUFPA once and for all. Everyone gets a medal for surviving and defeating LUPA.

There’s Iron In Them Hills: Mars Edition
by: The Five Terrestrial Beings

A privately funded mission to mars is nothing but a glorified hunt for resources and space. The trip to and landing on Mars was simple, but to complete the mission, they have to try the theory that’s proposed by one of the company’s people who is of mysterious origins and unknown intentions.

by: Galaxy Thieves

Our story revolves around the actions and consequences of a particular man by the name of Seanathan Rockefellar, who appears to be the creator and savior of all housewives from the common everyday chores with artificial intelligence robots. In all reality though, he has been stealing identities and draining bank accounts using his ingenious robots. Which ultimately presents the evidential problem of our vein genius, Seanathan, also known as Rocky.

Bobcat Big Gand Show
by: Betsy Lane Space Movie

Bobcat Big Gand Show

Super Novas

Super Novas



The Big Bang
by: Lawrence County Productions

The Big Bang

Space Movie: Robotic Astronauts
by: Mr. Fugate’s Group

Robonaut is a humanoid robotic development project conducted by the Dextrous Robotics Laboratory at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas. Robonaut differs from other current space-faring robots in that, while most current space robotic systems (such as robotic arms, cranes and exploration rovers) are designed to move large objects, Robonaut’s tasks require more dexterity. The core idea behind the Robonaut series is to have a humanoid machine work alongside astronauts. Its form factor and dexterity are designed such that Robonaut can use space tools and work in similar environments suited to astronauts.

Revealing Planet Red
by: Mrs. Harris’ 8th grade team

A team of five 8th grade students from Foley Middle School took on the exciting task of making an original documentary about the explorations and findings from the Mars’ Missions. Mars has long been one of the great mysteries of our galaxy, yet through the use of the rovers, such as the Opportunity, we have gained a great deal of knowledge. For example, after the discovery of gypsum, a mineral formed in water, scientist now have proof that there was once water sustained on the surface of Mars. Nasa’s newest rover, Curiosity, is scheduled to descend in August of 2012. What will come from the findings of this incredible new rover? Does Curiosity hold the key to gaining an understanding of the Martian environment and it’s ability to sustain life?

Solar Storms
by: Robinson STLP Team

Solar Storms

Kepler: Is anyone out there?
by: Rebecca, Hannah, Peter, Alex

Using resources found online and help from Dr. Jerde of Morehead State University, four 8th grade students have created a documentary about the Kepler Mission. The documentary discusses timelines for the mission, goals of the mission, physics behind the mission, and outcomes.

Robonaut II
by: Mr. Bowling’s Class316

We are five students from North Laurel Middle School who have designed and acted a movie explaining Robonaut ll and its purpose. The space movie challenge was presented by Ky Dataseam and the Hazard Challenger learning center.To find out more about this project go to Dataseam.com.

Hubble Telescope: A Glimpse at Infinity
by: Malea, Morgan, Garrett, Colton

Eighth grades students from Mason County Middle School created a documentary about the Hubble telescope. The students used various resources, including Dr. Jerde from Morehead State University, to discover information about the telescope. The documentary discusses the mission, problems with the telescope, findings, and the future of the telescope.

The Lost Files from Messenger
by: Justin, Tia, Tori, Aaron

Eighth grade students from Mason County Middle School created a documentary about Messenger’s Mission to Mercury. The documentary illustrates how the probe arrived at Mercury, the probes’ findings, and how they relate to Earth.

by: Raiders


Space Movie: Are You Smarter Than A Seventh Grader: Two Moon
by: Lee County Middle School

A group of five 7th graders use the “Are You Smarther than a Fifth Grader” TV format to explore the question “Did the Earth ever have two moons?” This iMovie novice group of students learned how to edit video and still images, use a green screen, and all about copyright law and how to cite sources correctly.

Are We Alone? Kepler and the Search for Extrasolar Planets
by: Mr. Burns’ Class

In 2009, NASA launched the Kepler Mission with one main goal in mind: to find out if there are habitable planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy. Thanks to the technology we now have available, for the first time in human history, we have the ability to detect planets outside our own solar system. Mankind has always been intrigued by the question of our place in the universe. NASA’s Kepler Mission is a huge step in finding out if the universe is teeming with life or if it is unique to our own planet. Where is Kepler looking for these planets? How does it find them? What are the implications of finding these habitable planets, or even life itself, elsewhere in the universe? What amazing discoveries has Kepler already made? All of these questions are discussed in this new documentary produced by students from Farristown Middle School.

Space Weapons? The adventure into planetary defense…
by: JCS Students

This movie was designed to inform people about Planetary Defense and what it does to Earth and the missions we are doing to learn about Near Earth Objects.

The Magic of Time and Space
by: Menifee 2

Under the supervision of Mrs. Lana Swartz and Mrs. Sonja Back, a group of four students from Menifee County High School gathered research and compiled their findings into an iMovie project. The information they collected was over how theories of time and space have been developed and modernized over time. They delved into the works of theorists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking; comparing their different theories over space and time.

Investigation Neutrino
by: Menifee 1

Under the supervision of Lana Swartz and Sonja Back, a team composed of four students from Menifee County High School compiled research and created a space iMovie that details the history and development of the field of Neutrino Astronomy as we know it today. The team of students included the theories of Wolfgang Pauli and Enrico Fermi int their video to help explain Neutrino Astronomy.

Kentucky Space Odessy
by: LCHS

Kentucky Space Odessy

by: LCHS


The Little Rovers That Could
by: Lee County team

With the leadership of Charista Wylie, a science teacher at Lee County High School, four students: Haile Keller, Jacob Gibson, Morgan Withers, and Brack Seale, have created a masterpiece. This movie will take you through the missions of each of the three Mars Rovers from beginning to end. It includes information about the various tools of the rovers, the findings, the goals, and the struggles.

by: AP PHYSICS Class

Dr. MaLarkey and his undergrad Marshall are teaming together to determine if there is life on Mars. They will undergo uncertainty to discover the truth, but will anyone believe life could possibly exist?

Orbital Debris: Citizens in Peril
by: The Bazingas-309

Under the direction of Mr. Mike Stanley, a small unit of students from Mason County High School traveled beyond Earth’s atmosphere in a quest to discover more about the pressing issues orbital debris poses to space programs and their derivatives.

Dark Space: The Final Frontier
by: Elliott County

With the guidance of Ms. April Ward, a Science teacher at Elliott County High School, a team of four high school seniors explored the dynamic topic of Dark Space and Dark Matter. Alex Conley, Jacob Fraley, N??el Skaggs, and Charlie Miller wrote, directed, produced, stared in, and edited a documentary style movie on the topic. Dark matter and dark space are some of the most mysterious phenomena known to mankind. This intriguing property of the space that surrounds us may hold the keys to understanding human kind

Space Radiation: Attack on the Human Body
by: Sebastian Middle

A dramatic re-enactment of the affects of space radiation on the human body. For educational and entertainment purposes only.

The Existence of Earth-Like Planets
by: Power Bytes (310)

A team of students, the “Power Bytes”, from Mason County High School, present to Morehead State University’s Planetarium and Science Center, “The Existence of Earth-Like Planets.” This presentation discusses the existence of similar extra-terrestrial planets in our universe and what conditions allow it to survive in space. It also delves onto the habitable zones of “local” stars and what benefits could be reaped from the exploration of such a discovery.

The Academy @ Shawnee
by: Dataseam

Shawnee Middle School students participated in the Kentucky Space Movie Launch Day. The prepared to create their own science fiction movie by practicing making movies and gathering information about potential space topics.

Dream-John Goodlette Story
by: Henry Hunt

Native son of Hazard, Kentucky, John D. Goodlette dreamed of building and flying airplanes. Eventually he grew up to play an instrumental role in designing, building and landing two spacecraft on Mars in the Viking Project.

The Cricksat Project
by: lana.swartz@menifee.kyschools.us

The Cricketsat Project is a Space Systems Engineering Project. The purpose of the Cricketsat project is for the students to develop an understanding of the design and engineering an electronic device that will read the temperature changes as the device is sent up approximately 5km into the atmosphere.

Dr. Steven Greiner Welcome
by: DataseamStudio

President and CEO of Hazard Community and Technical College welcomes students to the 2013 Kentucky Space Movie Project. 17 teams gathered at the Challenger Learning Center on campus to compete in this year’s program.

The Big Bang
by: Lawrence County Productions
by: Greenup County High School
The Big Band Theory
by: Elliott County High School
Super Novas
by: Elliott County High School
Bobcat Big Gand Show
by: Betsy Lane Space Movie
Kentucky Space Movie

Each year Kentucky students have pushed their knowledge of space and produced video projects that explored different aspects of our galaxy, space travel, robots, stars, extrateretiral life and other aspects of space.  As Kentucky’s leading industry it is important that students get and understanding and interest in SPACE.

Explore the student movies and resources designed to help students use professional skills to produce their projects.