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Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project Projects
Warped World
by: The Academy @ Shawnee Middle School

Taevon stays up late playing video games, again. The next morning he is barely able to stay awake in class. While dreaming, he is transported to an alternate universe where everything he holds dear has drastically changed. In this dark and twisted universe, the technology police are out to get him. While searching for his two best friends, Javion and Daniel, Taevon makes a disturbing discovery – technology has evolved and robbed his friends of their identities.

Jaguar II: The Next MIssion
by: Joseph Falcon

A movie about a continued mission after it’s first spacecraft lost control and sunk into the ocean; Jaguar II will have new computers to prevent the loss of control and hacking which is what led to the deaths on board the first spacecraft. The FBI is given this case and has to find the hacker and arrest them before it’s too late to save Jaguar II.

The Dark Side of the Earth
by: Alan Lin and Benjamin Rose

After drilling too deep into the mantle of the Earth a team of engineers and scientists must fight to survive in a world that has become inhospitable to them.

Vachinas; The Space Elephant
by: Chad Krawiec

An illustration that represents an alien race.

Sculptris 3D Modeling Software and photoshop.


Genetic Journey
by: Makala Wright and Hope Mohon (Team)

Digital Photography; no photoshop

The Face of the Phases
by: Chasity Ritchie

Digital Photography Series using iPhoto/editing software.

A personal space series based on the phases of the moon.


by: Abby Coin

An original story about a society living on a distant planet named Prontius. The people that lived there once came from earth to occupy it, and have lived there for centuries. However, some people had chosen to stay on earth and still continue living there.

Years later, many people on Prontius decided that they wanted to go back to earth, knowing that some had stayed and continue residing there. Civil war broke out between the people who wanted to continue living on Prontius and the ones who wanted to go back to earth. The side that wished to continue living on Prontius won, and even though centuries have passed since the civil war, the politics are still complex and all space crafts are banned from leaving the planet.

The main character is a son of the leader of the main nation on Prontius. Both he and his lower class friend believe in going back to earth, despite the fact his parents enforce the idea of staying on Prontius. The characters had made a detailed plan to escape, however only one of them could go. The story takes place five years after she made the escape.

Martian Malady
by: Mazie Coomes

Everything is going smoothly on Mars  until a race decides to invade and colonize it. This may have been okay until the martians realize that the invaders brought something along with them.

The Arcadian Chronicles: Chapter 1 Liberation
by: Jeremy Webb and Bryce Hendrixson

A brief screenplay set in a steampunk universe where airships soar and tensions are high.

Observe, Think, Create, Change

Students took a new look at humans, the universe, the possibilities, the probabilities and the past to create new realities. Man and machine captured in new ways to different ends. From flying ships, to elephants, to new genetics and messengers from beyond these stories turn us to ourselves and outside ourselves at the same time. Please enjoy them all.


Winners of the 2016 Kentucky Sci-Fi Project



    The Warped World

    Produced by: The Academy @ Shawnee Middle School


    Jaguar II: The Next Mission

    Produced by: Joseph Falcon


    The Dark Side of the Earth

    Produced by: Alan Lin and Benjamin Rose



    "Vachinas: The Space Elephant"

    by Chad Krawiec


    "Genetic Journey"

    by Makala Wright and Hope Mohon (Team)


    "The Face of the Phases"

    by Chasity Ritchie




    by Abby Coin


    "Martian Malady"

    by Mazie Coomes


    The Archadian Chronicles

    by Jeremy Webb and Bryce Hendrixson