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Dataseam Sci-Fi Project Projects
The Weapon
by: Dylan Grupe

This is a short story about a civilization far in the future, with technology able to devastate entire planets. Their war has gone on for centuries; so long that no one even remembers why they fight.

The Time Ripple
by: Jon Powell

Students create a portal and go back in time to retake a final exam.

by: Sasha Sairajeev

In a foreign world plagued by the repercussions of antibiotic resistance, the remaining citizens that survived the dangers of superbugs have been encapsulated in bubble capsules by the government in order to minimize cross-contamination. Life has become quiet and lonely for most, until two researchers, one working on artificial intelligence and the other on bacteriophage therapy defy all odds and become best friends. Their research holds all the potential to change the future but it’s the execution that matters the most in the end.

The Chronicles of Schneidonia
by: HCMS Technology Club

Four students are selected to take a trip to the International Space Station but their plans suddenly take a strange turn when nuclear war occurs on Earth.

by: Alivia West

Far into the future, a student makes a model of his home planet system, Trappist-1, for a school project. From left to right, the planets appear: Trappist-1F, a rocky planet with its own natural oceans; Trappist-1H, a bare planet characterized by its deserts and native culture; trappist-1D, a small planer in the Traditional Habitable Zone with natural water; Trappist-1B, a rocky planet with a warmer climate; Trappist-1E, the first planet inhabited by humans in the Trappist system; Trappist-1A, a planet without much natural water, but a booming population; and Trappist-1C, one of the largest planets in the system, but one with the lowest population.

Guardian Rofaz
by: Bre Richardson

Outside of the atmosphere there’s a galaxy that contains a planetary cave, which has minerals and elements that can be used to power biological space ships. Rofaz, a genetically engineered artificial intelligence, which has components from human DNA, guards the caves. Part man, machine, and animal, this creature contains reptilian properties. This gives him an acute sense of smell.

With this trait, Rofaz can identify cave intruders that might seek to steal the power the cave contains. Without these stones, Earth would fall behind in the space exploration race. To move forward in genetically engineered research, we need access to new resources. With this… we will advance to the next level.

Warped World
by: The Academy @ Shawnee Middle School

Taevon stays up late playing video games, again. The next morning he is barely able to stay awake in class. While dreaming, he is transported to an alternate universe where everything he holds dear has drastically changed. In this dark and twisted universe, the technology police are out to get him. While searching for his two best friends, Javion and Daniel, Taevon makes a disturbing discovery – technology has evolved and robbed his friends of their identities.

Jaguar II: The Next MIssion
by: Joseph Falcon

A movie about a continued mission after it’s first spacecraft lost control and sunk into the ocean; Jaguar II will have new computers to prevent the loss of control and hacking which is what led to the deaths on board the first spacecraft. The FBI is given this case and has to find the hacker and arrest them before it’s too late to save Jaguar II.

The Dark Side of the Earth
by: Alan Lin and Benjamin Rose

After drilling too deep into the mantle of the Earth a team of engineers and scientists must fight to survive in a world that has become inhospitable to them.

Vachinas; The Space Elephant
by: Chad Krawiec

An illustration that represents an alien race.

Sculptris 3D Modeling Software and photoshop.


Genetic Journey
by: Makala Wright and Hope Mohon (Team)

Digital Photography; no photoshop

The Face of the Phases
by: Chasity Ritchie

Digital Photography Series using iPhoto/editing software.

A personal space series based on the phases of the moon.


by: Abby Coin

An original story about a society living on a distant planet named Prontius. The people that lived there once came from earth to occupy it, and have lived there for centuries. However, some people had chosen to stay on earth and still continue living there.

Years later, many people on Prontius decided that they wanted to go back to earth, knowing that some had stayed and continue residing there. Civil war broke out between the people who wanted to continue living on Prontius and the ones who wanted to go back to earth. The side that wished to continue living on Prontius won, and even though centuries have passed since the civil war, the politics are still complex and all space crafts are banned from leaving the planet.

The main character is a son of the leader of the main nation on Prontius. Both he and his lower class friend believe in going back to earth, despite the fact his parents enforce the idea of staying on Prontius. The characters had made a detailed plan to escape, however only one of them could go. The story takes place five years after she made the escape.

Martian Malady
by: Mazie Coomes

Everything is going smoothly on Mars  until a race decides to invade and colonize it. This may have been okay until the martians realize that the invaders brought something along with them.

The Arcadian Chronicles: Chapter 1 Liberation
by: Jeremy Webb and Bryce Hendrixson

A brief screenplay set in a steampunk universe where airships soar and tensions are high.

The Mystery Planet
by: Sabrina Gibson

Watercolor with Digital Enhancement

Who Is Out There?
by: Erica Burden

Digitized Pencil Drawing

Cloud Tree
by: Kalea Varvel

Acrylic, pencil and digital enhancement/photoshop.

Never-Ending Paradise
by: Haley Hernandez

Linoleum Print / Ink on Paper

Original size 14×16



by: Alexis Drumheller

Pencil Drawing with Digital Enhancement

Rose Colored Universe
by: Saylor Pehm

Oil Pastel with Digital Enhancement

by: Laura Duke

On a journey through the ever-growing Multiverse, we come to a world where women, rather than having children, give birth to new universes. This woman is in the process of creating a universe, which is budding from her third eye. My inspiration comes from the various theories of a multiverse, especially the idea that there are parallel universes. In the background, the blackness represents the absence of anything, or nothingness. Since the third eye is an energy center, or chakra, it’s symbolic of the life source that maintains the existence of the universe. Her third eye contains a black hole that serves as the entrance to a wormhole to the new universe being created, while the exit at the other end is a “white hole”. Unlike humans, this race is without physical and mental boundaries, which gives them godlike abilities.

Cloning “Earth” Shoe
by: Alesha Luckett

Digital Art

by: Kendra Mosby

Digital Art

Lunar Colony Rendering
by: Cody Piper

Digital Art

Not Your Typical Day
by: Julie Wood

Photography with pencil drawing and digital enhancement.

by: Brittany White

Acrylic self-portrait

Original Size:  11×14

by: Alyssa Mallory & Valentin Kittel

Original photography with digital enhancement.

Future Study
by: Alora Bleu Snodgrass

Photography with minor digital enhancement.

The Martians
by: Isaac Gray and Hunter Byrne

Martians are in search of a new home.

Dear Diary
by: Lea Hill and Noah Goff

Our story is about a guy who is left stranded on earth. He searches for weeks to find a voice he heard in the back of his head. Along the way he finds a dog and his someone he never knew he would see again.

“A Hero From Another Planet”
by: Amadeus Barrenbruegge

Pencil drawing with digital enhancement in Photoshop.

Banettes revenge
by: alysia shouse

a girl who gets a doll that get revenge.

New Beginnings
by: Bethanie Durham and Olivia Whitaker

When nuclear fallout occurs, five survivors must come up with a plan to get off Earth to find a new planet to inhabit. Will they make it to Mars or will all hope be lost?

by: Luke Bratcher and Jakob Robbins

An unnamed character introduces us to the future of who we are and what we might become. Clones are the future but you never know who you’re dealing with.

by: Thomas Roth and Lauren Laumas

Two teens find out that reality is not what it seems, and their whole life is a lie.  Where will their loyalties lie?

Jurassic Kingdom
by: Jenny Wooten and Kaitelynn Burns-Kirby

Dinosaurs are teleported via meteor to an unknown planet in which earthlings discover and take over.

Refreshed Earth
by: Caleb Roberts
by: Emma Strain and Kasey Wathen

The people from planet Neptune are questioning our brains. Are they right? Are they wrong? How are they more ahead than the people on Earth? We should be the society who is the most advanced…or are we?

by: Aubrey Hollingsworth

An alien from the planet Uma, fell in love with a human from Earth. When her father found out Earth had to pay.

Digital Dawn
by: Josh Ward

Original Mixed Media with watercolor, acrylic, digital enhancement/ photoshop

by: Alex Embry

A illustration/prototype created using Sculptris/ 3D imaging software.


The Survivor
by: Destiny Rager

Watercolor / Colored Pencils/ Digital Enhancement

by: Lacie Groves

Illustration designed using Sculptris (3D software)

F 947
by: Ethan Cartwright

3D Modeling software used/ Sculptris

Among The Living Aliens
by: Katie Emerson

Watercolor Original /  Digitally Enhanced.

The Explosion
by: Kelsey Payne

When this new, amateur astronaut is sent on his first space exploration, he faces what he thought he would never have to in his life. As this young space explorer is forced to face the inevitable, you may feel that you’ll have to look over your shoulder to ensure your own safety.

by: Caleb McLevain


Original Size 8.5 x 11

Rover Rage
by: Brandon Sherwood

Digital Art /watercolor; added digital filters.

by: Sarah Cox

Mixed media: watercolor, gold foil

Approximate size: 10 x 14 inches

Organic Warfare
by: Will Lewis

Digital Art;  3D Modeled Space Scene using the programs Sculptris and Photoshop.

Fueling Turtle
by: Taryn Mercer

Pen & Ink Drawing with Digital Enhancement/Digital Art.

Glacier Moon
by: Bella Ray

Watercolor pencil drawing with digital enhancement / digital art

Original Size 10 x 14

Outer Space-D
by: Hannah Brown and Abby Coin

Original photography with digital enhancement/ Digital Art

by: MacKensie Ford

17 x 14.5 Mixed Media Collage with Digital Enhancement


New worlds.  New ways of viewing our world.  New ways to go forward or not.  The Dataseam Si-Fi Project recognizes the blend of science and imagination that creates an important genre of Science Fiction.  We have to imagine the world before we can create it.  We have to see the possibilities before we can work toward making them real.

Best of Show Winner – The Weapon

Writing Winner – Mazatlan

Movie Winner – The Time Ripple

Visual Art Winner – Guardian Rofaz

Visual Art Merit Award – Trappist-1

Movie Winner (Middle School) – The Chronicles of Schneidonia

Congratulations to winners of the 2018 Dataseam Sci-Fi Project.  Thank you to all the entries who shared their talent and insight.

The Kentucky Aerospace Industry accounts for billions of dollars in exports every year and Morehead State University Space Science program is world leader in small satellite development, testing and tracking.

Announcing the 2018 Dataseam Sci-Fi Project – Rules, Prizes, Dates

This is a great opportunity for students to apply knowledge and imagination in order to create a new world; sound the alarm on the future; or solve today’s problems. Students are challenged to create a movie, original piece of art, or written example of science fiction.

Imagination is a powerful tool for any scientist, inventor or leader. Imagination opens the mind to alternate ways of approaching real-world problems.

Prizes: Winners of each category (Movie, Writing, Art) and each grade group (5-8 and 9-12) receive a $200 Apple Card to purchase equipment, videos, music and more. Honorable Mention winners receive a $50 Apple Card. Individual or team receives one prize.

Your Assignment: Decide what you want to say. Develop the characters, the setting, the conflict, and the resolution. Choose the media to best tell your story.

Movie. Film should be 7-10 minutes in length including titles, credits and any additional outtakes. There is no limit to number of characters, scenes or locations for your film. Opening title should include 1) Film Name, 2) Production Team Name, 3) “A Dataseam Sci-Fi Project Film. Submit “mp4” video format with upload limit of 300 MB file size. (Larger size may be accepted, info@kydataseam.com)

Writing. Can include short story, personal narrative or screen play. 500-800 words. May include photographs or illustrations that count toward awesomeness points. Submit as one PDF with upload limit of 300 MB file size.

Visual Art. Produce a photo, drawing or other type of two-dimension artwork that tells a story. Must include 100-150 word caption describing inspiration and context for the image. Submit as one PDF with upload limit of 300 MB file size.

Dataseam Sci-Fi Project Rules

Judging – Each piece will be scored by judges based on the following criteria.

  1. 30% Creativity. How well do you use characters, setting, conflict and resolution to tell the story.
  2. 30% Production Quality. How well do you use the media to tell your story? How well have you used editing, music, sound, and camera? How well do your words capture the reader. Is your art balanced and visually impactful?
  3. 30% Makes us think. How have you helped society look at a topic differently? How have you captured the viewer and made them think about our world, our technology, our place in the universe or our place on the block?
  4. 10% Awesomeness. Extra credit because it has that much awesomeness.

Original Content – Students should create all work including story ideas, scripts, storyboards, shooting, editing and post-production. Teams should not infringe on third party (images, video, music). Legal, limited use of third party images, sound is allowed.

Space Theme – Stories, video and writings must be rooted in some aspect of space. It can be far away planets in deep space, satellites and space stations, or deal with alien cultures that visit our planet. The sky is the limit.

Real Science – While we encourage you to envision new and alternate realities, your piece should be grounded in fundamentally sound science. You may imagine “new” discoveries or inventions that change what we assume to be true.

Eligibility – Competition is open to students attending school in Kentucky. Project judged and prizes awarded in two grade groups, 5-8 and 9-12. You must compete in the grade you are attending at time of submission. Open to individual or team.

Submission – All entries must be submitted using the online portal (HERE) After February 15. Follow the instructions on the submission page. We strongly suggest that you test the upload capabilities from your school or location prior to the deadline. Mark the project “TEST” in the subject field.

Any questions contact, info@kydataseam.com.

Program Dates

Program kickoff January 15, 2018
Submission Deadline March 1, 2018 (midnight local time)
Winners announced via website March 15, 2018