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MSU Space Science Projects
Intro MSU Space Science
by: Henry Hunt

Ben Malphrus introduces us to the Morehead State University Space Science degrees and opportunities. Undergraduate students build satellites that are launched into orbit.

MSU Space Science Center
by: Henry Hunt

MSU Space Science Director, Ben Malphurs talks about programs that are helping students put their finger prints in to space.

Inspired at MSU Star Theatre
by: Henry Hunt

The Star Theatre on the campus of Morehead State University is open to public. K-12 students from across the state enjoy experiencing the wonders of space. Contact Eric Thomas to schedule your class visit.

Super Novas
by: Henry Hunt

Dr. Pannuti talks about MSU students that are searching space and tracking Super Novas.

Tracking Climate with High Altitude Balloons
by: Henry Hunt

Professor Jerde outlines MSU program to track climate change using high altitude balloons.

Student Passion
by: Henry Hunt

Antonino Carnevali tells us about the passion needed for students to study space.

Rebel Innovators
by: Henry Hunt

Bob Twiggs of MSU Space Science Center discusses the rebel attitude that students must have to succeed in the new space age.

by: HenryHunt

Under the direction of Dr. Ben Malphrus and project leader Kevin Brown a small team of students from Morehead State University developed, built and delivered NASA the satellite. UC Berkeley produced the science payload, which MSU integrated into the satellite. NASA expects to launch the nano satellite in August 2012 which will be used to measure cosmic X-Rays from the Big Bang. You can learn more at the project website http://universe.sonoma.edu/CXBNanosat

CXBN2 – IF Aerospace
by: Dataseam

Student project director, Jordan Healea, talks about the search for X-ray background noise that will help scientist understand the origins of the universe.


Lunar IceCube Project – IF Aerospace
by: Dataseam

Director of the Morehead State University Space Science Center outlines the mission to search out ice on the moon.  Scheduled to launch in 2018 on the maiden voyage of NASA’s EM-1 rocket.  As seen at the 2016 IF Aerospace Conference in Morehead, Kentucky.



SpaceTrek – Summer Space Camp
by: Henry Hunt

Empowering experience for young women to learn, explore and expand their skills during a week long summer camp at Morehead State University. Introduces incoming sophomore, junior and senior high school students to space science and engineering concepts at MSU’s state-of-the-art Space Science Center. Register Today.  July 9-16, 2016


MSU Student Profile Sharma
by: Henry Hunt

With a dual major in Math and Physics, Bishwas Sharma focuses on properties of super novas. Research that Sharma did at MSU helped him publish his discoveries.

MSU Profesor Profile Grupe
by: Henry Hunt

Dr. Dirk Grupe helps Morehead State University students investigate the universe. MSU is a unique setting with both engineering and astrophysics studies and projects.

MSU Student Profile Kosakowski
by: Henry Hunt

Dr. Punnuti helps guide Alex Kosakowski in his search for understanding of super nova remnants. Undergraduate students are encouraged to do research; make their own discoveries; and publish their results.

MSU Student Profile Hught
by: Henry Hunt

Kennedy Hught learns the necessary steps to test space craft so they will survive the ride on a rocket and harsh environment in space.

MSU Student Profile Wilczewski
by: Henry Hunt

Sarah Wilczewski works to track and re-activate a 30 year-old satellite. MSU students learn practical experience to be a success in Kentucky’s growing space industry.

MSU Student Profile Healea
by: Henry Hunt

Joseph Healea concentrates on integrated circuit design for small satellites at Morehead State University. While the classroom is important, the experience he gains from following a project from start to finish is a wonderful education tool.

MSU Student Profile Taulbee
by: Henry Hunt

Prestonsburg, Kentucky native, Zach Taulbee manages the machine shot at the Morehead State University Space Science Center. Building space craft is an exciting business at MSU and this undergraduate already has three satellites in space with his fingerprints on them.

MSU Student Profile Shellabarger
by: Henry Hunt

Brooke Shellabarger believes that if you set your mind to anything you can achieve it. In the MSU Space Science students design, build, launch and track their projects.

MSU Student Profile Grindrod
by: Henry Hunt

Jennafer Grindrod is working with a small team of MSU and Italian students on systems to launch small satellites. She believes that people are amazed at how MSU makes things work no matter how small the package.

MSU Student Profile Dang
by: Henry Hunt

The Morehead State University Space Science program involved students in real world projects. Dang works on the Electrical Power Systems for small satellites so they will successfully complete their mission in space.

MSU Student Profile Roach-Barrett
by: Henry Hunt

William Roach-Barrett is excited about the projects he is working on at MSU and about the opportunities to work with companies and people from across the globe.

MSU Student Profile Lackey-Stewart
by: Henry Hunt

Lackey-Stewart talks about his love of Astronomy at an early age and the joy he finds in working with the staff at Morehead State University to make discoveries in the sky.

The Cricksat Project
by: lana.swartz@menifee.kyschools.us

The Cricketsat Project is a Space Systems Engineering Project. The purpose of the Cricketsat project is for the students to develop an understanding of the design and engineering an electronic device that will read the temperature changes as the device is sent up approximately 5km into the atmosphere.

Dataseam and Associated Education Programs

Programmable Electronics: Real World Programming Using Microcontrollers – Hands-on course gives students a solid understanding of microcontrollers and sensors that are part of most every product we use today. Students learn by building and programming microcontrollers and sensors using Arduino Nano Controller.

WKU Mountain Workshops – Special Teacher Track associated with Western Kentucky University’s long running Photojournalism, Video and Writing workshops. Teachers work alongside industry professionals to build professional communication skills using photography and video.

Dataseam Sci-Fi Project – In order to build the future you must be able to imagine it. Students create short science fiction projects to illustrate their view of what the future holds. Film, Art and Writing projects.

Cancer Research: Real World Biology – Supplemental biology curriculum and projects designed to give students a look at the people and processes of actual cancer researchers. Designed to reinforce core biology concepts with a brief lesson, activity and quiz. Can be done as a classroom or home activity.

Morehead State University Space Science Program –Aerospace is Kentucky’s larges export industry with over $9 billion. Morehead State University Space Science Program is producing student with the necessary skills and connections to secure high paying job and build careers in today’s economy.