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The Dataseam Learning Library contains resources for teachers and students. Developed in collaboration with Participating Partner Schools, Universities and Organizations, this collection of programs, examples and content is for sharing.
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WKU Mountain Workshop Projects
by: Julie Jones
Mountain Workshops Teacher Track 2015: Julie Jones
by: Susan Colbert

Teacher Julie Jones from Webster County High School explains the impact of participating in the 2015 Mountain Workshops in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Dataseam – Mountain Workshop – The Journey
by: Sasha Fight

Profile of Lori Corbin, Webster County Schools.

Lori overcame obstacles with her confidence in her abilities regarding her photography and photojournalism skills to become someone who now uses her camera to capture beautiful moments and someone who can say “I took that picture and I think that’s a really good picture, and I think you’ll think that too.”

Back To School (2015)
by: Hunt and Evans

The 2015 WKU Mountain Workshops was a great opportunity for teachers to challenge themselves, grow and gain new perspective on not only their digital communication skills, but learning and teaching in general.  Three and one half days (sun up to sun down) of learning, experiencing, reviewing, correcting, advancing, and pushing.  The teachers show some of their work and talk about what they gained from this exceptional experience.

This is the 40th year of the WKU Mountain Workshops and the 6th year that Dataseam has sponsored a Teacher Track to help Kentucky educators take advantage of the professional journalism talent that works as coaches for the program.  The workshop started as a hands-on project to document one room school houses in Kentucky and now features a different Kentucky town each year.  This year was Frankfort.



Keeping Traditions Alive (2014)
by: Teacher Track Participants

Nine educators took part in an intense 3-1/2 day workshop to experience using digital tools to research, develop and produce a story about the connection between Berea College, the town and the craft art community. We learned a great deal about communicating with words, visuals and emotion. We hope you enjoy the final project.

Lean On Me
by: Greg Moore

Multimedia project created during the Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops 2011 in Somerset, KY. Thanks to Dataseam and WKU for the wonderful opportunity.

Teacher Track (2011)
by: Randy Evans

Eleven teachers from Dataseam schools participated in the 2011 WKU Mountain Workshops. Teachers spent five days with some of the country’s finest journalist, photographers and videographers. They learned how to develop a story and communicate their message using words, images and power. This piece gives viewers a glimpse at the energy and shares some of the final photos.

A Teacher’s Lens (2012)
by: Teacher Track

Eleven teachers from Dataseam schools participated in the 2012 WKU Mountain Workshops in Henderson, KY. Learning to tell visual stories and developing strategies to take back to their classroom. http://mountainworkshops.org/

Research and Development
by: Randy Evans

Good work takes planning, research, development and THINKING. Dana gives us some of her thoughts on the story development in this short video.

Renaissance on the River (2013)
by: Teacher Team

Final video project for the 2013 WKU Mountain Workshop Teacher Track. Teachers combined their skills and efforts to capture photos, video, sounds, interviews, moments, and movement to tell their story of the Owensboro River Front.

The Interview
by: Randy Evans

Making the interview it informative, interesting and professional. WKU MW coach Mark Osler helped teachers think through, set up, conduct and improve the way they captured an interview.

Production and Edit
by: Randy Evans

Producing the video takes a team effort. Editing is a review, edit and repeat operation. The 2013 teacher team organized to record, video, photograph, edit, review, edit and improve their projects.

The Story Line
by: Randy Evans

Getting the single story line helps keep a tight, interesting and meaningful piece. Tori gives insight into the discussion and what this story may become.

Research and Development
by: Randy Evans

Good work takes planning, research, development and THINKING. Dana gives us some of her thoughts on the story development in this short video.

Basics of Photography
by: Randy Evans

Photos created by Dataseam students and teachers are used to demonstrate the following concepts in photographic composition: rule of thirds, compositional balance, camera angles, framing, and leading lines.   Presentation of these concepts is available in PPT and KEYNOTE files to download below.   It may take a few minutes they are large files.


Dataseam Teacher Track

The Dataseam Teacher Track at Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops is a rare opportunity for educators to improve their ability to think and communicate visually. October 24-28, 2017 in Morehead, Kentucky.

While this digital media workshop focuses on photo, video and recorded communication, it will give you the skills, vocabulary and tools to help students process information, come to a conclusion and communicate a meaningful message in any subject.

This is a hands-on workshop. You will learn how to operate your camera; basic composition and lighting of good photos; fundamentals of visual story telling; and discuss how to integrate those skills in to your classroom.

Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops bring together shooting, editing and writing coaches from across the country — from The New York Times, from the Los Angeles Times, from National Geographic and a host of other media — to guide trainees and produce professional level content.

The Dataseam Teacher Track runs from Tuesday at noon to Friday 4:00 pm (October 24-27). You will spend sun up to sun down with professional journalism and photojournalism coaches learning to capture attention and strongly communicate a story using words, photography and video. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with top-notch writers, photographers and film-makers from across the country.

You will never attend a more demanding or professionally rewarding workshop. Here what past attendees have to say.

This is open to Dataseam Participating Partner school districts. There is no workshop fee and most meals are covered. You will need to stay in Morehead area.

If interested please send an application to (education@kydataseam.com). Include two sample photos you have created along with a brief outline of what you teach and what you plan to gain from this experience. Deadline September 8, 2017.