Back To School (2015)
Produced by: Hunt and Evans
School: Dataseam Teacher Track WKU Mountain Workshops
District: Dataseam
Back To School (2015)

The 2015 WKU Mountain Workshops was a great opportunity for teachers to challenge themselves, grow and gain new perspective on not only their digital communication skills, but learning and teaching in general.  Three and one half days (sun up to sun down) of learning, experiencing, reviewing, correcting, advancing, and pushing.  The teachers show some of their work and talk about what they gained from this exceptional experience.

This is the 40th year of the WKU Mountain Workshops and the 6th year that Dataseam has sponsored a Teacher Track to help Kentucky educators take advantage of the professional journalism talent that works as coaches for the program.  The workshop started as a hands-on project to document one room school houses in Kentucky and now features a different Kentucky town each year.  This year was Frankfort.