Revealing Planet Red
Produced by: Mrs. Harris’ 8th grade team
School: Foley Middle School
District: Madison
Revealing Planet Red

A team of five 8th grade students from Foley Middle School took on the exciting task of making an original documentary about the explorations and findings from the Mars’ Missions. Mars has long been one of the great mysteries of our galaxy, yet through the use of the rovers, such as the Opportunity, we have gained a great deal of knowledge. For example, after the discovery of gypsum, a mineral formed in water, scientist now have proof that there was once water sustained on the surface of Mars. Nasa’s newest rover, Curiosity, is scheduled to descend in August of 2012. What will come from the findings of this incredible new rover? Does Curiosity hold the key to gaining an understanding of the Martian environment and it’s ability to sustain life?