Produced by: Alivia West
School: Muhlenberg County High School
District: Muhlenberg County

Far into the future, a student makes a model of his home planet system, Trappist-1, for a school project. From left to right, the planets appear: Trappist-1F, a rocky planet with its own natural oceans; Trappist-1H, a bare planet characterized by its deserts and native culture; trappist-1D, a small planer in the Traditional Habitable Zone with natural water; Trappist-1B, a rocky planet with a warmer climate; Trappist-1E, the first planet inhabited by humans in the Trappist system; Trappist-1A, a planet without much natural water, but a booming population; and Trappist-1C, one of the largest planets in the system, but one with the lowest population.