We all learn from doing – diving deep into a project, researching, thinking, planning, and producing results. Our projects help teachers use project-based learning to expand and reinforce core learning.  Pushing students to collaborate and find solutions to real world challenges engages them and moves classroom experiences to higher levels. In today’s multimedia world, storytelling is a must to master communications skills needed in every job.  Our projects offer hands-on experience in using digital tools to ignite imagination, convey ideas, and redefine our human interaction.
Real World Biology: Cancer Research
Series of supplemental curriculum using real world application, projects and professionals to help students understand and use core content concepts in real world applications. Developed by Dataseam in collaboration with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center researchers and educators from Morehead State University 21st Century Education Enterprise. Can be used by teachers with an entire class or for individual students… more
Champions-in-the-Classroom We invite you to share your stories of technology integration in your classroom. There is no better way to learn, than from the experiences and successes of your fellow educators. Show us what you’re doing – tell us how technology has changed the daily landscape of class time….more
Kentucky Space Movie Project
The Kentucky Space Movie Projects is a great opportunity for students to use science, communications and creative skills…. more
Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project
This is a great opportunity for your students to apply their knowledge and imagination to create a new world. An alternate reality. A solution for today’s challenges. Or explore the affects of technology on us today. Students are asked to create a movie, original piece of art, or written piece of science fiction…. more