Sci-Fi Judge List 2

Entry Number: #1778
Title: The Weapon

This is a short story about a civilization far in the future, with technology able to devastate entire planets. Their war has gone on for centuries; so long that no one even remembers why they fight.

Entry Number: #1780
Title: Mazatlán

In a foreign world plagued by the repercussions of antibiotic resistance, the remaining citizens that survived the dangers of superbugs have been encapsulated in bubble capsules by the government in order to minimize cross-contamination. Life has become quiet and lonely for most, until two researchers, one working on artificial intelligence and the other on bacteriophage therapy defy all odds and become best friends. Their research holds all the potential to change the future but it’s the execution that matters the most in the end.

Entry Number: #1786
Title: The Chronicles of Schneidonia

Four students are selected to take a trip to the International Space Station but their plans suddenly take a strange turn when nuclear war occurs on Earth.

Entry Number: #1768
Title: Trappist-1

Far into the future, a student makes a model of his home planet system, Trappist-1, for a school project. From left to right, the planets appear: Trappist-1F, a rocky planet with its own natural oceans; Trappist-1H, a bare planet characterized by its deserts and native culture; trappist-1D, a small planer in the Traditional Habitable Zone with natural water; Trappist-1B, a rocky planet with a warmer climate; Trappist-1E, the first planet inhabited by humans in the Trappist system; Trappist-1A, a planet without much natural water, but a booming population; and Trappist-1C, one of the largest planets in the system, but one with the lowest population.

Entry Number: #1767
Title: Guardian Rofaz

Outside of the atmosphere there’s a galaxy that contains a planetary cave, which has minerals and elements that can be used to power biological space ships. Rofaz, a genetically engineered artificial intelligence, which has components from human DNA, guards the caves. Part man, machine, and animal, this creature contains reptilian properties. This gives him an acute sense of smell.

With this trait, Rofaz can identify cave intruders that might seek to steal the power the cave contains. Without these stones, Earth would fall behind in the space exploration race. To move forward in genetically engineered research, we need access to new resources. With this… we will advance to the next level.

Entry Number: #1793
Title: Dysnomia

This short film portrays the intersection of competing realities in alternate universes.  It depicts a dreamworld influenced by dark matter and string theory, a world where science is tinged with madness.

Entry Number: #1792
Title: Black Hole

Did you ever wonder where your favorite pair of socks go when they disappear?  What about when your childhood cat Mittens ran away and you haven’t seen him since?  We’re constantly losing things that seem to have disappeared, although they may have just been sucked up in the vacuum cleaner.  Black hoes in space remind me of vacuums because they powerfully “suck up” anything in their path.  Like the keys to your house, planets or stars could easily disappear from your eyes as if they were never there.  Although, in a situation like losing your cat, it is probably less likely that he’s lost in a vacuum bag.

Entry Number: #1790
Title: Cosmo Space Companion

Cosmo Space Companion is a canine medical spacecraft located in the Wishbone Galaxy. This medical spacecraft is operated by 3,000 Supulsinac which is an alien race from the Wishbone Galaxy that work to help rehabilitate 2,000 canines brought from Earth, that are sick due to the Earth’s pollution. When the canines breathe in the space air from the Wishbone Galaxy they get special healing fumes that contain wishes, hope, and oxygen that is from the floating wish trees. After the canines are healed they have immunities built up against the Earth’s pollution and they are put into service training. When the canines graduate training they are then distributed to humans on Earth that need their help. Then Cosmo transports 2,000 different canines back to the Wishbone Galaxy where the process of healing and training repeat.

Entry Number: #1789
Title: Galactic

The music I listen to is relaxing and inspirational. The character in my submission came is an original idea inspired by social media. Sometimes when you’re alone you can be at peace and away from the hectic nature of society. My astronaut is sitting at a bar in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by other planets. Other people and creatures that live life in a chaotic and crazy way inhabit all of the planets around. This space cadet found one planet that was completely devoid of life so he could just escape from the surrounding world’s drama and chaos with his galactic refreshment. Consider an invention that allows us all to get the peace we deserve in our solar system… this would be quite an invention.

Entry Number: #1788
Title: Someday

Someday, not in our lifetime, the sun will go out like a light. The sun is not going to last forever. So this suit is more targeted for 200-1000 years the future. Without the sun, life is not possible. The sun provides our food, which is the main factor, but also hundreds of other things we even know about. If we don’t have the sun to grow the trees, then we don’t have trees and if we don’t have trees we don’t have oxygen, then we can’t breathe. If we cannot breathe, we cannot live. This suit is not meant to last forever, just like the sun. With the right ideas and resources, people should be able to live in these suits for approximately 1-4 years. By then, the people of the future should have life figured out. Sacrifice the few, to save the many.

Entry Number: #1785
Title: Life Is Good

Music and pop culture inspired this galactic artwork. The painting is of a person being abducted. A relationship exists between the man being abducted and his love that is from another planet. She is here to take him from Earth and they want to escape from society. If they can start something new by themselves they will start over and be free to enjoy the beautiful things in life like music, art and friendship.  The planet they are going to will have the most beautiful creations and they will be interactive. Everything is organic, even the machines.  Life is good.

Entry Number: #1784
Title: Legend

Space Dragon – Over 200 millions years ago on Earth, dinosaurs were the largest animals in the world. However, one special animal also existed on the Mars. They were dragons. Those dragons were able to breath, even when they were flying into space. One time, some of those dragons flew to the earth to find a new place to live. When dinosaurs realized that dragons were bigger than them, so they wanted to make friends. Dragons and dinosaurs lived together and helped each other. Many years’ later dinosaurs saw one meteor almost falling down. They were afraid and asked dragons to help them. Dragons decided to bring dinosaurs back to Mars with a deal that they must not eat dragon newborns. A couple of weeks later, one T-Rex ate one dragon baby. All of dragons were angry and killed all of those dinosaurs by fire.


Entry Number: #1783
Title: Media Director

Aliens infiltrate a high school on earth to study teenage behavior.

Entry Number: #1782
Title: Intersteller

Zooming over the world called Earth is The Interstellar Spy Drone. Collecting data for Quemmameo leader of the planet Shirren. In the course of the journey the drone needs to find valuable data that could lead to the conquering of the planet Earth. The existence of this planet will not last much longer if the drone finds what it is looking for.    The mirrored surface of the drone assists the Shirren with their energy base. The have solar panels on their ship that feeds directly on the drone so the relationship between the drone and aircraft is symbiotic and essential to an energy efficient planet. This is why they seek to destroy energy-gobbling humans.

Entry Number: #1781
Title: The Time Ripple

In this production three students alter the space time continuum and create a portal to go back in time and retake a final exam. Throughout the journey they encounter some difficulties and have to make a tough decision to save their friend from a break in the timeline.

Entry Number: #1779
Title: Cosmo Space Companion

Cosmo Space Companion is a canine medical spacecraft located in the Wishbone Galaxy. This medical spacecraft is operated by 3,000 Supulsinac which is an alien race from the Wishbone Galaxy that work to help rehabilitate 2,000 canines brought from Earth, that are sick due to the Earth’s pollution.  When the canines breathe in the space air from the Wishbone Galaxy they get special healing fumes that contain wishes, hope, and oxygen that is from the floating wish trees.  After the canines are healed they have immunities built up against the Earth’s pollution and they are put into service training.  When the canines graduate training they are then distributed to humans on Earth that need their help.  Then Cosmo transports 2,000 different canines back to the Wishbone Galaxy where the process of healing and training repeat.

Entry Number: #1777
Title: Shield

In 2061 a shield was built to protect the earth from all the creatures in the universe. Because of the recent attack on earth in 2050 an alien life form invaded and almost took over the earth. We got rid of them and then we built the E.S.B. that stands for earth safety buddy it’s a shield to protect the earth. The shield has a mechanism made from the scraps of the alien technology. Using their technology to help increase the chance of survival. If those aliens get past our shield we are all dead. This happened once in our history and it was bad.

Entry Number: #1776
Title: Universal

It’s 2050: Earth is estimated to sustain life for at least another 10 years. The US government is sending a small group of humans to Mars to see if the planet is habitable. Technology has advanced to the point where a trip Mars is only a one or two week long trip. The ship going to Mars consists of 5 people; all trained to terminate unidentified species on sight. Arriving to the planet, the crew notices no other life forms. The crew has orders to split up and look around. After hours of searching, one of the crewmembers stumbles upon a village. The village is full of green women. The courageous crewmember approaches the group of women with caution. Soon realizing the groups of green women were apart of a rare Amazonian alien race, he knew it was his duty to keep them safe.

Entry Number: #1775
Title: Xnnekflina

This is the Xnnekflina. How do we know this? They told us with the stars. No planet has ever seen anything like this. No one has been able to tell anyone what they could do. If you tried to tell anyone about them you would vanish with out a trace. The galactic police could not do anything about it, as the people would disappear. When their ship showed up the police would hide. The Xnnekflina were the most feared creature in the universe. They were like a ghost and they would disappear right in front of you leaving no trace. They only took people when they needed to feed but if you fought them they would kill for revenge. They will not kill children they mostly go for the older and wiser ones.

Entry Number: #1774
Title: Portal

A portal that is on the Planet Mars is represented. Discovered by the United States eons ago this portal is running properly but we are not sure where it will take you, as the key map to other worlds is undocumented to our species. We cannot read the key. The machine is left over from a species of Aliens that lived on Mars millions of years ago. They went extinct during a massive space war according to legend. Did they escape through the portal? Hidden deep in the core of the planet we find a tunnel to travel to this machine. One day we will discover more and hopefully we will explore beyond it.

Entry Number: #1773
Title: Asteroid

The picture that you see is a asteroid, not your average asteroid, this asteroid is the size of earths moon and it is slowly moving away from the sun as you can see the suns glare in the background glaring off the rock as it is headed towards earth. NASA threw it off course and it also attached a camera on site to explore the deep dark space and search other planets. Right now its adjacent to the plant Axteril 3000 and it has found a form of living life form on the planet with a sea, trees and oxygen that can be inhabited by humankind.

Entry Number: #1772

This here is a complex A.I. brain. In the year 2078, Human are about to be extinct. The Planet once known as Earth, now called c3-s345, is over run by A.I.’s. The human Race was over taken by the A.I’s in the year 2065. Since then the ruler of the A.I’s has enslaved the humans in a project known as Project Super Brain 06. It has sated the power to create its own army and over take the world. This brain was once a small toaster. A mad scientist named Dr. Elmureton turned it into a very intelligent companion to work by his side. The complex A.I. brain has been programed to become smarter than humans and more self-aware. As time passed by, the brain ended up learning that the humans were killing the planet. The brain decided to take matters into its own hands and over take the world.

Entry Number: #1771
Title: Stars Are Beyond

The human hand is used to create amazing things, advancements in science and technology. The sky isn’t the limit, only your imagination is. If we reach beyond our atmosphere, to find the cure for depression or suicidal thoughts, we will have won a great war.

Most people with depression can use a good friend or an encouraging message to help them through everything. My art isn’t supposed to have a flashy sophisticated meaning it connects with you. So no matter what, I’ll know I tried to inspire people to go beyond their limits beyond Earth and push for their true potential. So I hope I inspired you and many others to greatness. My inspiration came from teen issues today: Depression, Anxiety, Shyness, Hatred, and Loneliness. So as I convey in my artwork: Life is too short, so reach for the stars and most importantly, STAY DANDY BABY!

Entry Number: #1769
Title: Rings

The greatly anticipated images from N.A.S.A.’s deep-space satellite “Traveler” were finally received on February 8, 2018. The images were meant to depict the surface of Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, well known for its massive rings. However, upon viewing the images, a startling but exciting discovery was made. An object can be seen hovering over the surface of the planet. Based on what was previously known about the gas giant’s planetary attributes, nothing like this has ever been discovered before. The object of pure black is a peculiar shape. What could it be? The public announcement made by N.A.S.A claimed that the object is most likely “space debris,” but these images make you wonder. Alien spaceship? Or is it merely a fluke of photography?

Entry Number: #1761
Title: Vision 2020

In the year 2020 aliens have come to Earth in a ship reminiscent of a dream-catcher in the stars. When people gaze into the stars the ship takes them up into the hull. They abductees met alien scientists that immediately test them for durability as workers to mine the minerals on our planet. When finished with their testing, the aliens wipe the participants memory. One man escaped without having his memory wiped, they used implants. He tells the story of what happened to him to others. This resulted in the government watching him for the rest of his life. My inspiration for this project is that we do not know what is out there.

Entry Number: #1760
Title: Extra-Terrestrial

I’m submitting my artwork entitled “Extra-Terrestrial”. This represents a life form from outside the earth or its atmosphere. While completing this project, we had the freedom to choose any media we wanted my media choice was watercolors. I was inspired by imagery that I came across while looking for science fiction artists. I painted this extra-terrestrial being because I was intrigued by the idea of some other life form, such as the alien, actually being present somewhere far beyond our galaxy. The life form pictured would be curious, harmless, and overall an easygoing green guy. I went with the green alien stereotype but there are various other shades of my creation depending upon the planet he originated from.

Entry Number: #1759
Title: Knight of Fire

In a galaxy far away there was once a fire sword. The sword was 3 million years old and this artifact had been missing a long time. A space knight of the fire brigade had owned the blade one day turned to the dark side. The sword was an object that had special properties from dark forces known to science, which the knight wanted to overcome. The dark was controlling who ever holds the power of the blade to force them will destroy all civilization within the galaxy.The knight of fire eventually destroyed families including his own. He didn’t have control the sword that was powered by hydrogen and helium, much like the sun.  One day there was 9 chemical reactions. These events could have killed the fire knight.  The knight buried the sword in a crevasse on planet Darkland and it has yet to resurface. Prophecy tells that one day the sword will be used again, after the coming of the second sun.

Entry Number: #1758
Title: Marvin The Drone

Marvin the space creature from Mars is actually a friendly drone designed by scientists on Earth. He has a silver skin that is used as protection against elements in space that may do harm. He has a heat element to protect his internal mechanisms. He is part of a family of drones that are used for experiments and to take photos of the landscape outside of our solar system. The strength of this drone is beyond imagination as he can easily travel between the planets at the speed of light. Humans maintain Marvin and they have programmed him to trust and protect them at all costs.

Entry Number: #1757
Title: Stolen

I drew my picture because I wanted to draw something with planets. Saturn, the biggest planet, is my favorite. The other four are just the usual planets: Earth, Jupiter, and one I haven’t named yet. The colors are slightly the same as what they’d usually be, but earth is turned inside out on the color palette. It’s meant to be like that. It’s an illusion. I drew it because I wanted something I haven’t seen before – something that would catch someone’s eye. The girl is being cut open by an alien; planets are surrounding her head as if she were dizzy. The artwork is entitled Stolen.

Entry Number: #1751
Title: BILL

A creature more frightening than anything you’ve seen appeared outside in the night. A third eye upon its wrinkled brow opened and the translator he held began to speak English. The creature surprised me and said, “Hi my name is Bill.”

The creature Bill is a 3D model created with Sculptris, a program we use in visual art. Bill was conceived with inspiration as a Yoda prototype with the ears. Then I began making horns on it along the skull with a third eye. I’ve decided to make bone and indentions in his cranium looking like a brain. This made him look more alien-like, which is how Bill became to be.

If I were to continue the story… Bill landed in a place called Earth where he met a human and he asked for help. He needed his ship repaired and recycled banana peels for fuel.

Entry Number: #1750
Title: AXON

On Nebula, a planet in the Triangulum Galaxy, an ongoing war broke out hundreds of years ago as the Zarics and Narons controlled the planet. The Naron’s were the first settlers of this planet. One day, several years ago, the Zaric’s ship crashed onto Nebula. The Naron’s welcomed the Zaric’s with open arms and tried to help them repair their ship so they could be on their way with their journey. However, the Zaric’s had something else in mind. They grew to love Nebula and decided they would fight for it, and for many years they were succeeding, until the Naron’s discovered Axon. The other generals knew he had potential as they watched him train. Once Axon’s training was complete, he was sent to battle and named captain. He began taking out the Zaric’s one by one. Naron’s general army fed off all the energy, winning the war!

Entry Number: #1746
Title: Blast Off

For my Science Fiction Project I chose to illustrate outer space. My illustration has three planets, which includes Jupiter, Saturn, and a purplish planet I made up. My illustration also has a red and white rocket ship blasting through space set on a mission to find other life forms in the galaxy. The background is black and has blue, purple, red, yellow, and orange dots to add some flavor, so the background is not too plain. Those dots are stars, moons, and other planets in the galaxy. I made the planet purple because my favorite color is purple. So I decided to just add all of it together for my final artwork entitled Blast Off.

Entry Number: #1745
Title: Abduction

Abducted from Earth, this kitty is in a terrifying place. She bristles at the sight of her abductor. She has been experimented on, and this may be why she looks a little different than the other cats on Earth. Her abductors have affectionately named her “Mother Nature.” They have observed her being friendly and feisty, much like the nature of Earth. They were baffled to learn these creatures were commonly kept as pets in human homes. Her abductors hope to take more animals from Earth to observe them. Mother Nature has by far been the most interesting and exciting creature the abductors have taken from Earth.

Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project

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1) Creativity (30%). Creative idea and concept of story being told
2) Production (30%). Production quality. How well you use the media to tell your story. How well have you used editing, music, sound, and camera technics? How well do your prose capture the reader. Is your piece of original art balanced and visually impactful.
3) Thinking (30%). Makes us think. How have you helped society look at a topic differently? How have you captured the viewer and made them think about our world, our technology, our place in the universe or our place on the block.
4) Awesomeness (10%). Extra credit because it has that much awesomeness.
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