Sci-Fi Project Judging List

Entry Number: #1210
Title: Warped World

Taevon stays up late playing video games, again. The next morning he is barely able to stay awake in class. While dreaming, he is transported to an alternate universe where everything he holds dear has drastically changed. In this dark and twisted universe, the technology police are out to get him. While searching for his two best friends, Javion and Daniel, Taevon makes a disturbing discovery – technology has evolved and robbed his friends of their identities.

Entry Number: #1240
Title: Jaguar II: The Next MIssion

A movie about a continued mission after it’s first spacecraft lost control and sunk into the ocean; Jaguar II will have new computers to prevent the loss of control and hacking which is what led to the deaths on board the first spacecraft. The FBI is given this case and has to find the hacker and arrest them before it’s too late to save Jaguar II.

Entry Number: #1255
Title: The Dark Side of the Earth

After drilling too deep into the mantle of the Earth a team of engineers and scientists must fight to survive in a world that has become inhospitable to them.

Entry Number: #1215
Title: Vachinas; The Space Elephant

An illustration that represents an alien race.

Sculptris 3D Modeling Software and photoshop.


Entry Number: #1203
Title: Genetic Journey

Digital Photography; no photoshop

Entry Number: #1209
Title: The Face of the Phases

Digital Photography Series using iPhoto/editing software.

A personal space series based on the phases of the moon.


Entry Number: #1208
Title: Beholden

An original story about a society living on a distant planet named Prontius. The people that lived there once came from earth to occupy it, and have lived there for centuries. However, some people had chosen to stay on earth and still continue living there.

Years later, many people on Prontius decided that they wanted to go back to earth, knowing that some had stayed and continue residing there. Civil war broke out between the people who wanted to continue living on Prontius and the ones who wanted to go back to earth. The side that wished to continue living on Prontius won, and even though centuries have passed since the civil war, the politics are still complex and all space crafts are banned from leaving the planet.

The main character is a son of the leader of the main nation on Prontius. Both he and his lower class friend believe in going back to earth, despite the fact his parents enforce the idea of staying on Prontius. The characters had made a detailed plan to escape, however only one of them could go. The story takes place five years after she made the escape.

Entry Number: #1226
Title: Martian Malady

Everything is going smoothly on Mars  until a race decides to invade and colonize it. This may have been okay until the martians realize that the invaders brought something along with them.

Entry Number: #1253
Title: The Arcadian Chronicles: Chapter 1 Liberation

A brief screenplay set in a steampunk universe where airships soar and tensions are high.

Entry Number: #1251
Title: The Mystery Planet

Watercolor with Digital Enhancement

Entry Number: #1249
Title: Who Is Out There?

Digitized Pencil Drawing

Entry Number: #1248
Title: Cloud Tree

Acrylic, pencil and digital enhancement/photoshop.

Entry Number: #1247
Title: Never-Ending Paradise

Linoleum Print / Ink on Paper

Original size 14×16



Entry Number: #1246
Title: Selene

Pencil Drawing with Digital Enhancement

Entry Number: #1245
Title: Rose Colored Universe

Oil Pastel with Digital Enhancement

Entry Number: #1244
Title: Mother

On a journey through the ever-growing Multiverse, we come to a world where women, rather than having children, give birth to new universes. This woman is in the process of creating a universe, which is budding from her third eye. My inspiration comes from the various theories of a multiverse, especially the idea that there are parallel universes. In the background, the blackness represents the absence of anything, or nothingness. Since the third eye is an energy center, or chakra, it’s symbolic of the life source that maintains the existence of the universe. Her third eye contains a black hole that serves as the entrance to a wormhole to the new universe being created, while the exit at the other end is a “white hole”. Unlike humans, this race is without physical and mental boundaries, which gives them godlike abilities.

Entry Number: #1243
Title: Cloning “Earth” Shoe

Digital Art

Entry Number: #1242
Title: Humanoid

Digital Art

Entry Number: #1241
Title: Lunar Colony Rendering

Digital Art

Entry Number: #1239
Title: Not Your Typical Day

Photography with pencil drawing and digital enhancement.

Entry Number: #1238
Title: Fighter

Acrylic self-portrait

Original Size:  11×14

Entry Number: #1236
Title: Galatic

Original photography with digital enhancement.

Entry Number: #1235
Title: Future Study

Photography with minor digital enhancement.

Entry Number: #1233
Title: The Martians

Martians are in search of a new home.

Entry Number: #1232
Title: Dear Diary

Our story is about a guy who is left stranded on earth. He searches for weeks to find a voice he heard in the back of his head. Along the way he finds a dog and his someone he never knew he would see again.

Entry Number: #1231
Title: “A Hero From Another Planet”

Pencil drawing with digital enhancement in Photoshop.

Entry Number: #1230
Title: Banettes revenge

a girl who gets a doll that get revenge.

Entry Number: #1229
Title: New Beginnings

When nuclear fallout occurs, five survivors must come up with a plan to get off Earth to find a new planet to inhabit. Will they make it to Mars or will all hope be lost?

Entry Number: #1228
Title: Character

An unnamed character introduces us to the future of who we are and what we might become. Clones are the future but you never know who you’re dealing with.

Entry Number: #1227
Title: Origins

Two teens find out that reality is not what it seems, and their whole life is a lie.  Where will their loyalties lie?

Entry Number: #1225
Title: Jurassic Kingdom

Dinosaurs are teleported via meteor to an unknown planet in which earthlings discover and take over.

Entry Number: #1224
Title: Refreshed Earth
Entry Number: #1223
Title: Smart?

The people from planet Neptune are questioning our brains. Are they right? Are they wrong? How are they more ahead than the people on Earth? We should be the society who is the most advanced…or are we?

Entry Number: #1222
Title: Earth

An alien from the planet Uma, fell in love with a human from Earth. When her father found out Earth had to pay.

Entry Number: #1221
Title: Digital Dawn

Original Mixed Media with watercolor, acrylic, digital enhancement/ photoshop

Entry Number: #1220
Title: BearClaw

A illustration/prototype created using Sculptris/ 3D imaging software.


Entry Number: #1219
Title: The Survivor

Watercolor / Colored Pencils/ Digital Enhancement

Entry Number: #1218
Title: Travels

Illustration designed using Sculptris (3D software)

Entry Number: #1217
Title: F 947

3D Modeling software used/ Sculptris

Entry Number: #1216
Title: Among The Living Aliens

Watercolor Original /  Digitally Enhanced.

Entry Number: #1212
Title: The Explosion

When this new, amateur astronaut is sent on his first space exploration, he faces what he thought he would never have to in his life. As this young space explorer is forced to face the inevitable, you may feel that you’ll have to look over your shoulder to ensure your own safety.

Entry Number: #1207
Title: Synthys


Original Size 8.5 x 11

Entry Number: #1206
Title: Rover Rage

Digital Art /watercolor; added digital filters.

Entry Number: #1205
Title: Visionary

Mixed media: watercolor, gold foil

Approximate size: 10 x 14 inches

Entry Number: #1204
Title: Organic Warfare

Digital Art;  3D Modeled Space Scene using the programs Sculptris and Photoshop.

Entry Number: #1198
Title: Fueling Turtle

Pen & Ink Drawing with Digital Enhancement/Digital Art.

Entry Number: #1195
Title: Glacier Moon

Watercolor pencil drawing with digital enhancement / digital art

Original Size 10 x 14

Entry Number: #1190
Title: Outer Space-D

Original photography with digital enhancement/ Digital Art

Entry Number: #1189
Title: X-10

17 x 14.5 Mixed Media Collage with Digital Enhancement


Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project

Thank you for taking time to judge this competition.
Judging Steps
1) Your Judging Score Sheet will have a project number and name listed in the project column.
2) Type your ame in the “Judges Name” box on your Judging Score Sheet.
3) Click on the thumbnail to the right to view the project with the corresponding number. PDFs will appear inline & you can click on the download link to save a copy to your desktop.
4) Put a score in each of the four columns (Creativity, Production, Thinking, Awesomeness)
5) Each section of the score sheet should be scored 0-100. A total score of 90-100 would be an excellent film. 80-89 good. 70-79 average. 60-69 incomplete.
6) The Judges Score Sheet will calculate the total score for that project based on the weighting for each section show below.
7) Save your completed score sheet to your computer.
8) Forward the score sheet to
The scores are weighted by the following formula and you should use the following simple criteria.
1) Creativity (30%). Creative idea and concept of story being told
2) Production (30%). Production quality. How well you use the media to tell your story. How well have you used editing, music, sound, and camera technics? How well do your prose capture the reader. Is your piece of original art balanced and visually impactful.
3) Thinking (30%). Makes us think. How have you helped society look at a topic differently? How have you captured the viewer and made them think about our world, our technology, our place in the universe or our place on the block.
4) Awesomeness (10%). Extra credit because it has that much awesomeness.
Questions or problems call Henry Hunt at 502-419-9051.