Controlling The Modern Micro World – Plus LED Lights and Video Games.

(Hazard, Ky) – This summer’s Modern Maker Workshop (Electronics and Programing with Micro-controllers), was a big hit for attendees at the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky in Hazard. Students learned a broad range of electronic, programming, coding and concepts by building a series of projects. CLICK HERE to see an outline of the curriculum. Middle and High School students got their hands and minds around fundamentals that measure and control products that drive our modern world. They also had some fun with LED lights, video game design and blinking lights and sounds.

Watch the video to hear what they learned and built.


Programmable Electronics for the Modern Maker. 4-Day Workshop.


Electronics run the world and programming runs electronics. Each device, from the microwave in your house to the phone you hold in your hand, is a series of micro-electronics and sensors designed and programmed to perform tasks. This four-day workshop introduces basic electronic and programming concepts with hands on projects so students get a clear understanding of how to approach a challenge, solve a problem and build a workable device. We also want to have fun building things.

Workshop is for those interested in electronics and programming; those that want to see if they are interested; and those who like pulling things apart to see how they work. Most careers today require a basic knowledge of modern electronics, programming and coding. Designed for students, grades 7-10 with an interest in exploring and trying new things. Teachers have also found this workshop helpful to gain an understanding of electronic principles and programming.

Each participant receives a complete kit featuring an Arduino Nano microcontroller, various sensors, addressable LED strip, and other components to build projects. Students take their electronic kit home.  See the basic project outlines and watch the video from instructor John Soward.

Brought to you by the Challenger Learning Center in Hazard, Kentucky and Dataseam. July 24th-27th 2017, 10 am-3pm. Workshop held at Challenger Center located on the Hazard Community and Technical College. Registration. Limited need-based scholarships available, email