Digital Classroom

Resources for Digital Classroom

“Digital Classroom” is a 2-day workshop guiding teachers through the step-by-step process of creating content-based digital projects to enhance learning and college and career readiness.  Teachers work in their actual content area to model and create a project they can take directly into their classroom.  The Content-Based Digital Project chart shows the model for creating these student-learning projects.

View sample projects here in the Learning Library.  They include a solid Lesson Plan, Assignment Sheet and Student Project.

CIITS (Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System).  The Dataseam workshops and materials are designed to help teachers enhance teacher professional growth and effectiveness in using technology in the classroom and fulfill CIITS requirements.  Click here to visit CIITS

Lesson Plans.  No project is worthwhile unless it is part of a well thought out educational plan.  Here is a simple template and three sample plans for digital project based lessons in math, language arts and science.  Lesson Plan Template

Assignment Sheet.  It is critical to give students a detailed assignment.  Reading, asking questions and understanding the assignment are fundamental skills necessary for all college and career readiness.  Here is the Assignment Sheet for this workshop.

The Process.  Video outlines the process of creating a multi-media project that is an integrated part of the common core content.  A must for teachers wanting to make technology projects part of student learning.  Here is the video with downloadable Process Outline chart.

Storyboard.  Storyboard format with additional feature check list to help students plan for additional sounds, video, title and other enhancements to their project.  Story Board Template

Rubric.   Sample rubric for producing video and slideshow projects.  Video Rubric

Production Check List.  Provides key tips to help students remember key elements of their production so they will avoid pitfalls and streamline production efforts.  Production Check List

Project Management Tips.  Basics steps to help avoid common challenges in producing projects.  Teamwork, organization and time management steps outlined.  Project Management Tips

iLife Basics.  Quick reference sheets for iMovie ’10, iMovie ’09, iPhoto.  iMovie 9, iMovie 10, iPhoto Basics.  Plus a YouTube video for iMovie 10

Copyright.  Chart outlining general copyright information that all teachers and students should keep in mind when using materials produced by others.  Copyright Chart
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