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Mitosis is the process by which a eukaryotic cell separates into two identical daughter cells. No doubt you have learned its four phases plus cytokinesis. It is time to use your previous knowledge to help your researchers complete a task. Cancer can exploit the body a numerous ways. Your goal will be to determine some of the ways cancer commits “crimes” against the human body. For example, cancer has the ability to divide limitlessly. You will create an All Points Bulletin that list and explain five of these “crimes.” Get creative and make a video, PowerPoint, podcast, etc. that describe these crimes in a unique way. Use the All Points Bulletin project description handout below to complete your project, then upload it to the next page by clicking Next.

An All Points Bulletin (APB) is written by official law enforcement agencies to broadcast the information officers want released when looking for a suspect or missing person.

You are on the hunt for a suspect that is guilty of many crimes and is difficult to stop… Cancer!

Directions: Create a 60 second All Points Bulletin (APB) video or podcast that is ready for broadcast. Your APB should include at least five of the crimes cancer is guilty of along with a description that will help identify the suspect. Include reasoning that demonstrates why each of these crimes is so dangerous!

An example of a crime of cancer might be: Cancer cells are guilty of limitless cell divisions. They bypass regulatory signals and inhibition factors that usually prevent unlimited cell growth. This causes a rapid growth of cells in a small area that manifest in the form of a tumor, and can eventually spread to the rest of the body.

Mitosis Assignment