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When you go to a physician for the first time, they always get a record of your family history. They find out who in your family had cancer, heart disease, asthma etc. Why do they do this? It turns out, some diseases have a heredity component, meaning that if your parents have a specific disease, they pass down genes to you that make you more likely to develop the same disease. Today, you will be playing the role of the doctor.

Symptoms of Cancer Graphic Organizer

You will fill out Symptoms of Cancer Graphic Organizer. Listed in the Organizer are four different types of cancer. Using designated links in the Expand Your Mind section, learn what the symptoms of these cancers are. When the symptoms have been identified and listed, then you will fill out the science behind the symptoms portion. In these boxes, you need to determine why these symptoms are occurring. What is cancer doing to the organism that is creating these feelings? When you are finished, submit the Organizer by clicking Submit. Once you hit Submit, you will not be allowed to return and edit your work. Next, go to the Viewing Gallery to view and study the completed projects of other students in your class.

Metabolism Assignment

Colon/Rectal Cancer

Lung Cancer


Breast Cancer