Current Cancer Treatments

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“Heredity loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger” -Dr. Oz

You have already learned that cancer has a hereditary component. But there are lifestyle choices that can make cancer development more probable. In this section, you will first identify some of the ways that cancer is treated in hospitals across the United States. Then, you will expand upon what you have learned to identify some of these lifestyle trends, and how they can be prevented.

Current Cancer Treatments Project

Below are listed treatments for cancer that are being used. In the space to the right of the treatment, provide an explanation for how the treatment works and why it is successful. Also provide an example of how the treatment may not be 100% effective. For example, “Surgery is the removal of cancerous tissue from the body. It is the best way to remove cancer, but may not remove all of the cancerous cells from the organism, especially if it has metastasized to a new area of the body.” When you are finished, click on Submit. Warning: after submitting this worksheet, you may not go back and edit it.

Current Cancer Treatments Assignment


Radiation Therapy



Hormone Therapy