Future Cancer Treatments

Your Assignment

What does the future look like for cancer treatment and what can we do in the meantime to improve the health of our community and decrease the likelihood of developing certain diseases? You have already seen how certain lifestyle choices can increase the likelihood of developing certain diseases. So what can you do to cut back on these negative lifestyle choices?

Using real data collected by the U.S. government you are going to Analyze and Understand what is going on in your community. Then you will form a guiding question that focuses your Community Action Plan on how to make positive steps in your town. It can be as simple as replacing sugary sodas in school vending machines with water or as bold as a community wide weight loss program. It is your job to create the plan and convince the community to move forward with your plan.

Analyze and Understand?

Go to http://statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov/. In the profile box located on the top left of the site: Select your state. Select “All Cancer Profiles”. Search. Using the website. Take a few minutes to review the charts. Understand the data and answer the questions below.

Take a minute to look over the data and become familiar with the chart options.

Future Cancer Treatments Assignment