Future Cancer Treatments

In Closing…

You have done a wonderful job on this project! Kate, Lauren, Jason, and Darren will be ecstatic when they see what you have accomplished. The researchers at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center will be extremely pleased as well. Show your researchers your final project by watching the video to the right. Thank you for all of your hard work. It does not have to end here though. Expand your knowledge and learn about scholarship opportunities by clicking on the links in the Expand Your Mind section below.

University of Louisville

Students from Dataseam schools in Kentucky are eligible for additional scholarship money to attend the University of Louisville. It is a program designed to encourage our next generation of scientists and innovative thinkers who will lead Kentucky in the 21st century. Learn more.

Morehead State University

Dataseam Scholar at Morehead State University is a scholarship program for students from Dataseam schools pursuing a degree in science, math or technology with the intention of teaching those subjects in schools in Eastern Kentucky. Learn More.

Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts

Each year, hundreds of Kentucky high school students are empowered and enriched as young artists through The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts. Students can prepare for their audition receiving one-on-one feedback from prestigious teaching artists at one of our free ArtShops in the fall, and/or apply to the summer program to experience a life-changing three weeks of arts boot camp! GSA alumni are connected to a vast network of fellow artists and creative leaders, scholarship opportunities, and in-depth training that will last a lifetime. Visit www.kentuckygsa.org for more!


©Dataseam. All Rights Reserved. Project produced by Kentucky Dataseam Initiative, Inc. in collaboration with Participating Partners University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center and Morehead State University 21st Century Education Enterprise.
G. Henry Hunt, Project Director, DatseamNick Klimchak, Project Coordinator, Dataseam responsible for content development including video screenplay, website and related materials. Graduate of Morehead State University and currently first year student at the University of Louisville Medical School.

Educational projects development and core content benchmarking provided by Jodi Blackburn and Rebecca Roach, Professional Development Associates at Morehead State University.
Science content review and participation in filming videos at the labs in the Translational Research Center provided by Dr. Donald E. Miller, Director of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center along with fellow researchers Dr. John O. Trent, Dr. Christopher States, Dr. Levi Beverly, Dr. John Eaton, and Dr. Jason Chesney of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.
Introductory videos filmed on location in the lab of Dr. John Eaton, Deputy Director of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.
A special thank you to Diane Konzen, Research Grants Coordinator at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center for providing access to the JGBCC laboratories and coordination with featured researchers.
Special thanks to Dr. Robert Borathem, Morehead State University and Lana Swartz, Menifee County High School for education review and consulting.