(Morehead, Kentucky) – Teachers from Lawrence, Meniffee, Lee, and Ohio Counties spent three long and productive days honing their skills in modern communications.  Today’s student is required to use visual, audio, text, speech, and all forms of communication to successfully navigate today’s working world.  The 2017 Western Kentucky Mountain Workshops Teacher Track exposed educators to an array of tools and techniques.

As you can see from the photos below, this was a sun up to well past sun down, hands-on workshop that pushed teachers out of their comfort zones and presented new opportunities for their students.  While much of the workshop is focused on photojournalism, it is really a program on CRITICAL THINKING.  Analyze.  Take appropriate action.  Evaluate.  Adjust.  Achieve best results.

It is hard to explain this experience, but we wanted to share some of the knowledge you can benefit your students.  Here are a series of links to video resources:

Basics of Photography  https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=738  Complete with downloadable presentation showing basic composition, lighting and ways to make more interesting, engaging and memorable photos.

Story Telling https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1052

Sound https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1051

Lighting https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1050

Illustrating Your Point https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1049

Editing https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1048

The Interview-Better Story Telling  https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=1053  All the help you need to produce better video interviews.  Sound is important.  Preparation is critical.

The Process  https://www.kydataseam.com/project-review?pid=714  How to organize your students to help them evaluate information, create ideas, outline a story and produce a meaningful project.

2017 WKU Mountain Workshops  http://mountainworkshops.org

2017 WKU Mountain Workshops Video  https://vimeo.com/240334679?ref=fb-share&1