DataseamGrid Login

DataseamGrid Login
The DataseamGrid powers important research with 280 trillion calculations per second. Proprietary software, dGrid, tracks and manages over 14,000 computers in classrooms across Kentucky in this cloud-based high performance computing environment.
Adding the dGridAgent to your systems.
The installs and configures the components required for a workstation to participate in the Cancer research grid. Once installed, the package will periodically check in with the network servers, and can update itself when new versions become available. The package can be installed using the GUI, from the command-line, via Apple Remote Desktop, or can be included in a base image. Installing the package over an existing installation poses no issues, but installing a much older version of the package on a newer version of MacOS may fail.

The Agent requires network access on TCP port 22 ( SSH ) to both your district grid controller, and the master grid controller, Please be sure your local firewall allows this traffic to pass. Contact if you have any questions or issues regarding network access requirements.
Monitoring your district grid status.
There is a simple tool for monitoring your district’s grid status. The shows the status of the grid controller, and of all the grid workstations including their most recent check-in, current on/off line status, and various system values ( e.g. memory, free disk space, etc. ). The tool also allows you to report ( by serial number ) any failed system which should be removed from your district.
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This not only helps the research run more effieicently, but also helps local technicians support academic achievement in each school. CLICK HERE to login to your resource and tracking page.

DataseamGrid Map shows school districts and activity in near real time.