Dataseam’s iLife classes prepare teachers to coach their students for 21st century careers. Integration of mobile devices has become another step toward digital literacy.
Breathitt County teachers work together with their iPhones to incorporate video and photos into an iMovie project.
Working in teams teachers from Johnson County make suggestions how to improve their multimedia presentations.
Randy Evans

The Dataseam 2013 summer training sessions coast to an end, and we have observed a significant upswing in digital literacy this year.

No longer using computers to just type documents, teachers have quickly geared up to ready themselves for their tech savvy students.

Smart boards, hand held devices, smart phones, tablets, computers, and cameras are pretty much the norm in the digital classroom. Working in a mixed environment of Macs, Windows, Androids, iPhones, iPads and Kindles, more teachers are showing mastery of digital literacy as they address the educational needs of their students.

In iLife classes, as well as in the MSU Reading In The 21st Century workshop, we have seen teachers transfer data seamlessly from device to device, as they work together, creating and sharing instructional ideas.

The standard text based PowerPoint has suddenly evolved into a full blown multimedia presentation. Creating and fine tuning audio and music, using video and images to tell their stories, or document a thesis, teachers have shown remarkable skills.

Today’s teachers are arming themselves with the skills to coach their students to the next level. They’re ready to empower their students with engaging, problem solving digital activities. Students will soon be using their knowledge to create media, make statements and come to conclusions, rather than just giving the right answer on a test.

Join the digital literacy explosion. Get involved! Escort your students into an engaging project and escalate their learning opportunities.

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