Schools Receive Benefits

Schools receive computers, training, scholarships, programs and technical certifications for which they also help power important live-saving cancer research. Access Dataseam Partner Portal (Slack Workspace).

Students Experience and Learn

Dataseam is currently piloting an IT Support Specialist Apprentice Program, which includes additional industry training and paid work experience. Students learn from working experience whether an IT career or related field of study is a path for them. Learn More

Education and Workforce Ecosystem

The DataseamBlog keeps educators and stakeholders keep up to date on programs, opportunities, and news. It is a great way to find what has worked for other teachers and schools. Learn More.

Scholarship Opportunities

Participating Partner Universities have provided over $2.2 million college scholarships (University of Louisville and Morehead State University). Dataseam also works with and supports Governor School for Entrepreneurs, Governor School for the Arts and WKU Mountain Workshops. Learn More

Visit Campus with Dataseam

Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to participate in one of Dataseam’s organized visits to the University of Louisville, Morehead State University or special education visits to the Brown Cancer Center or MSU Space Science Center. Learn More.