Kentucky Space Movie

Your Assignment

Your team will create a seven minute and twenty-eight second shot film with a space theme. The science has to be correct. The story has to be good. See below for the details, rubric and judging details.

You decide on the story. You develop the characters. You write the script and draw the storyboards. You plan the shoot. You edit. You complete the special effects and sound track. You entertain and inform us. You are the filmmaker.

Kentucky Space Movie Project Rules

  1. Eligibility – Open to students from Kentucky schools. Teams must consist of 4 or 5 students attending the same school. At least 2 of the team members must be female and 2 must be male. Team member can only be part of one team. Team must have teacher sponsor. Teacher may sponsor more then one team.
  2. Enter – Teams must register using the Team Registration Form form found on the KSMP website. Teams must attend a Launch Day session. Teams may change team members at the approval of their teacher sponsor. Revised Team Registration Form must be completed prior to submission of film.
  3. Film Making Rules – The following rules apply to each of the participating teams and projects.
    1. Length – Film must be 7 minutes and 28 seconds long. In addition the film should have 2 seconds of black on the front and back of the video. There can be up to an additional 60 seconds of credits at the back of the video. Any titles at the front of the film are considered part of the film.
    2. Titles – Film should contain opening titles with the following text: “(your team name) presents”, “A Kentucky Space Movie Project Film”, “Title of Film”. Can be in any order but no more than 7 total seconds.
    3. Original Content – Students teams should create all work including story ideas, scripts, storyboards, shooting, editing and post-production. Teams should not infringe on third party (images, video, music); and use should be limited.
    4. Space Topics – Film projects must be based on one of the following space topics:
      1. Discovery of Life on Mars
      2. First Humans on Mars
      3. Satellites Go Round, Landings
      4. Robots Rule (with Artificial Intelligence)
      5. Intelligent Machines (Sentient Satellites)
      6. Discovery of Life on Europa
      7. Hyperdrive Spacecraft
      8. Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
    5. Real Science – Projects must include fundamentally sound science with at least 3 minutes of hard science in the film. Story line must help viewer understand basic science content.
    6. MUST INCLUDE – Film must include the following:
      1. The line, “If only I had listed to my science teacher more.”
      2. A character named Rocky or Dot Mountain who is a prominent space scientist.
      3. A space craft
  4. Submission – All films must be uploaded using the instruction on the KSMP website. All fields must be filled in and associated documentation included. We strongly suggest that you test the upload capabilities from your school prior to uploading your project. Mark the project “TEST-team name”.
  5. Judging – The film will be judged based on the Scientific and Artistic Rubric on the website. Points will be awarded in the following way.
    1. Scientific Merit (45 points)
      1. Based on fundamentally sound science concepts found in Kentucky Next Generation Standards.
    2. Artistic Merit (20 points)
      1. Creative storytelling, writing and idea.
    3. Technical Merit (20 points)
      1. Videography, sound, edit
    4. Complete Submission of Assignment (15 points)
      1. Length of film, thumbnail, storyboard, film abstract, credits
  6. Kentucky Space Science Movie Project organizers may amend or change these rules at any time.
  7. Supporting Documentation – It is important to include several pieces of supporting documentation
    1. Film Content Abstract – See sample CONTENT ABSTRACT contained on website. This document briefly outlines the story and major points; the science contained in the story and how it is tied to content standards.
    2. Storyboard – An example of a STORYBOARD will be provided at the Launch Day. This outlines with images the key scenes and dialog of the film.