Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project Teacher Opportunity

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Here is your chance to WIN. Teachers are eligible to win a $250 iTunes Gift Card for entering their Lesson Plan. We want to see how you are using this science fiction project as part of your regular course work with students.

We very much hope that you can use this project to enhance your regular classroom instruction. Are you using this as part of your English, Math, Science, Engineering, Art, Photography or some other classes where students can apply their knowledge using a short story, movie or piece of original art?

Please help us document instructional use and you can win one of three $250 prizes to be given away.


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Complete the form below. Include all necessary information. Upload one PDF of your written Lesson Plan. You can use your school’s specific Lesson Plan format, but please make sure it includes the following information. Title, Subject, Grade Level, Objective, Assignment, Essential Questions, Standards, Materials Needed, Technology Integration, Lesson Details, Formative Assessment.

If you would like to use the basic format used in Dataseam Digital Classroom Workshops, here is a link to those resources.

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