Knocking out Kentucky’s No. 1 Killer

Knocking out Kentucky’s No. 1 Killer
Cancer is the leading cause of death in Kentucky and second only to heart disease in the nation. How is research on the DataseamGrid knocking out this killer?
300 Years of Research in One Week
Using the DataseamGrid, researchers at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center have discovered more than 30 potential new cancer treatment drugs and the Center now has the largest own pipeline of new cancer drugs in the country.
How do they do it? Researchers select a particular cancer target and test various chemicals, or compounds, to determine what can stop the function of the “target,” and/or the growth of particular cancer cells. The DataseamGrid saves years of work because the massive computing power shaves years off of the time it takes to test millions of different compounds and greatly reduces the money spent on research as it dramatically reduces the actual number of compounds needed to be tested. In fact, the DataseamGrid powers 300 years of this type of research in just one week!
What happens next? Once the researchers narrow down the chemical compounds that might treat a particular type of cancer, they are then tested on the research “bench.” This testing is done at three different levels to make sure the drug is hitting the “target.” Successful drug candidates then move through the research drug development pipeline hopefully getting to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for review and then to Clinical Trials.
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