Morgan County High School students gathered around the mock scene to experience the accident as their local first responders went to work.


A MCHS student participant, with makeup applied by the high school art department, waits in the wrecked automobile for to be rescued.

The rescue squad works carefully to remove a victim from the wrecked automobile without causing him any additional injury.

The mock emergency room included equipment you would find in any hospital. This student has an oxygen level sensor on his finger.

After continued CPR, this student actor became a causality of the accident. Despite the work of the emergency room professionals they could not save him.

Randy Evans

Morgan County High School students were clearly engaged as the chaotic accident scene moved their classroom learning experience into reality.

The disaster, portraying an automobile accident resulting in severe injuries, was a project based culminating event of a four-month study orchestrated by Morgan County High School physics teacher Miranda Farmer. The students had been studying the kinematics of physics, velocity, acceleration, energy, and momentum in their AP physics class. Kentucky State Police Detective Toby Gardner worked with the students on accident reconstruction, providing a real world experience of their studies.

It was like a scene out of a horror movie and the students couldn’t take their eyes off of the outdoor classroom activities.  Members of the rescue squad used the jaws-of-life to extricate a trapped victim as ambulances and police scrambled to the site. An unconscious pedestrian lay bleeding beside the road.

The rescued victims were transported to the MCHS nursing classes mock hospital room where trauma, emotions, and stress fed the excitement. Patient management, record keeping, treatment techniques and CPR were simultaneously in motion.

A student team recorded the event with iPads, iPods, and cameras with the goal of producing instructional videos, and reporting the event for the local newspaper.

The project involved the whole community including the local rescue squad, ambulance service, and fire department.  More importantly it involved learning on all fronts at the school.  Students from Health, Nursing, AP Physics, Spanish (one witness was Spanish speaking), Law and Justice, English, Art, and the SADD club all participated.

We are expecting a ruling from the mock trial being held later this month.  We will let you know who it assigned fault and how the students conclude this dramatic learning project.


Morgan County High School students were instrumental in the record keeping process in the emergency room.

Medical attendants in the mock emergency room tend to the injured victims.