Movie Making

Here are a number of videos and documents that will help you create better movies. Movies that tell the story. Movies that entertain and inform your audience. Movies that you can share with your friends, family and the world.

Developing and Planning your story. Here is a sample planning session for a video project. Approaching your project with the right PROCESS (project-review/?pid=714) will ensure you tell the story you want to tell. Also use the Multi-Media Learning Chart (project-based-learni.pdf) to take the proper steps.

Storyboard. (12-Storyboard-Template.pdf) It is important to plan out each scene you wish to shoot. Match the action with the scrip you have written.

Production Check List. (14-Preproduction-Checklist.pdf) When you are ready to begin shooting your movie take some time to make sure you have planned for everything you need.

This series of tutorial videos is designed to help students create better documentaries. Examples provided of good and not so good execution in student produced videos. Learn the craft of good storytelling, lighting, sound, graphics and shooting and editing. Building Better Documentaries (building-better-documentaries/)

Three short films, BITTERSEET project-review/?pid=749, FORGET ME NOT project-review/?pid=750 and PRINTED /project-review/?pid=748, highlight the work of the New Media group at the 2014 Governor’s School for the Arts held this summer at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Students created the concept, wrote, directed, shot, edited and starred in the films, which tell a story about everyday issues.