Technology can transform a classroom, bringing it into the 21st century and pushing beyond physical boundaries. Students learn by doing, exploring, and test-driving the opportunities technology provides. We’ve developed resources to stimulate your growing tool-box of classroom technology.
Storytelling In the 21st century classroom, storytelling lays the foundation for creating Multimedia Projects. Communicating effectively is the basis for career and college readiness. Explore the fundamentals of Storytelling
Apps With over half a million Apps for iOS devices, getting started can be intimidating. We’ve developed a list of apps for different subjects, and included several “Best of” and “Top” apps for your diverse classroom needs. Get Started
General Tools We’ve compiled a list of Educational Websites to help you explore the many free and easy possibilities for student enrichment. Take some time to investigate the opportunities for your classroom to suit your teaching style and student needs. Explore Tools
Education Links The landscape of technology integration is constantly changing. By staying in touch with blogs and websites dedicated specifically to the potential of today’s Educational Technology, you’ll be one step ahead of the next exciting idea. Check out our favorite links