Sci-Fi Project Judging List

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Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project

Thank you for taking time to judge this competition.
Judging Steps
1) Your Judging Score Sheet will have a project number and name listed in the project column.
2) Type your ame in the “Judges Name” box on your Judging Score Sheet.
3) Click on the thumbnail to the right to view the project with the corresponding number. PDFs will appear inline & you can click on the download link to save a copy to your desktop.
4) Put a score in each of the four columns (Creativity, Production, Thinking, Awesomeness)
5) Each section of the score sheet should be scored 0-100. A total score of 90-100 would be an excellent film. 80-89 good. 70-79 average. 60-69 incomplete.
6) The Judges Score Sheet will calculate the total score for that project based on the weighting for each section show below.
7) Save your completed score sheet to your computer.
8) Forward the score sheet to
The scores are weighted by the following formula and you should use the following simple criteria.
1) Creativity (30%). Creative idea and concept of story being told
2) Production (30%). Production quality. How well you use the media to tell your story. How well have you used editing, music, sound, and camera technics? How well do your prose capture the reader. Is your piece of original art balanced and visually impactful.
3) Thinking (30%). Makes us think. How have you helped society look at a topic differently? How have you captured the viewer and made them think about our world, our technology, our place in the universe or our place on the block.
4) Awesomeness (10%). Extra credit because it has that much awesomeness.
Questions or problems call Henry Hunt at 502-419-9051.