Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project Assignment

Your Assignment
You decide the story you are telling. You develop the characters, the setting, the conflict, and the resolution. You choose the media to best tell your story. You write the script or outline the visuals. You complete the production to tell your story.
You may enter any or all the project categories, but only one entry per category.
$2,400 IN PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED TO STUDENTS in these three main categories.
  1. Space Sci-Fi Movie Project
  2. Space Sci-Fi Writing Project
  3. Space Sci-Fi Art Project
Teacher prize opportunity in Space Sci-Fi Project.


Space Sci-fi Movie

Film should be 7-10 minutes in length including titles, credits and any additional outtakes. There is no limit to number of characters, scenes or locations for your film. Opening title should include 1) Film Name, 2) Production Team Name, 3) “A Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project Film. Submit “mp4” video format with upload limit of 300 MB file size.

Space Sci-fi Writing

Can include short story, personal narrative or screen play. 500- 800 words. May include photographs or illustrations that count toward awesomeness points. Submit as one PDF with upload limit of 300 MB file size.

Space Sci-fi Art

Produce a photo, drawing or other type of two-dimension artwork that tells a story to the viewer. Must include 100-150 word narrative describing inspiration and context for the image. Submit as one PDF with upload limit of 300 MB file size.

  • Winners of each category and each grade group receive a $350 iTunes Card to purchase equipment, videos, music and more.
  • Honorable Mention winners receive $50 iTunes Cards.
Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project Rules

Judging – Each piece will be scored by judges based on the following criteria.

  1. 30% Creativity. Creative idea and concept of story being told
  2. 30% Production. Production quality. How well you use the media to tell your story. How well have you used editing, music, sound, and camera technics? How well do your prose capture the reader. Is your piece of original art balanced and visually impactful.
  3. 30% Thinking. Makes us think. How have you helped society look at a topic differently? How have you captured the viewer and made them think about our world, our technology, our place in the universe or our place on the block.
  4. 10% Awesomeness. Extra credit because it has that much awesomeness.

Original Content – Students should create all work including story ideas, scripts, storyboards, shooting, editing and post-production. Teams should not infringe on third party (images, video, music). Legal, limited use of third party images, sound is allowed.

Space Theme – Stories, video and writings must be rooted in some aspect of space. It can be far away planets in deep space, satellites and space stations, or deal with alien cultures that visit our planet. The sky is the limit.

Real Science – While we encourage you to envision new and alternate realities, your piece should be grounded in fundamentally sound science. You may imagine “new” discoveries or inventions that change what we assume to be true.

Eligibility – Open to students attending school in Kentucky. Project judged and prizes awarded in two grade groups, 5-8 and 9-12. You must compete in the grade you are attending at time of submission.

Submission – All entries must be submitted using the online portal (HERE). Follow the instructions on the submission page. We strongly suggest that you test the upload capabilities form your school or location prior to uploading your project. Mark the project “TEST” in the subject field.

Program Dates

  • Program kickoff January 13, 2016
  • Submission Deadline March 1, 2016
  • Winners announced via website March 15, 2016
  • Potential Campus visits March 15, 2015 to exhibit work

Exhibition at Idea Festival Aerospace Conference April 5 in Morehead, Kentucky

Kentucky Space Science Movie Project organizers may amend or change these rules at any time.