Kentucky Space Sci-Fi Project

Kentucky Space Industry

Kentucky Space industries and universities are leading in this new Space Race that seeks to change the world in which we live. Read about two real-life Kentucky projects that are part of the state’s $7.8 billion space industry.

Space Tango

Morehead State University ICECube

Imagination is the true tool of any scientist, inventor, or leader. Imagination opens a window to explore possibilities. To change the normal. To alter the way we approach real-world problems.
Competition. Teams or individuals create a space related science fiction project. Make a movie, write a piece or create an image that gives a view into your thoughts about space travel, other worlds, visitors from space, or new ways of living.
Prizes. Awarded for first place in each category and grade group, plus honorable mention awards.

Categories Grade Groupings
Space Sci-Fi Movie Project 5-8 9-12
Space Sci-Fi Writing Project 5-8 9-12
Space Sci-Fi Art Project 5-8 9-12