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Need help with iMovie? Looking for
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Do you need help with iMovie? Well you are probably not the only one. Use the resources on this page to find your answers. From Youtube and Apple to our own Movie Making Blog and story telling resources, you can mind-meld and find your answers to produce the best results using video, audio and still images.

iMovie Instructional Videos

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Story Telling
Techniques and Ideas

•Story Telling

    Telling The Story

    Tips For Good Ideas

    Multimedia Storytelling

    Create Simple Digital   Stories

    Apple-Moviemaking Curriculum

•General Photography

    About Light

    Capture The Moment

    For The New Shooter

    Multimedia Survival

•Dealing With Sound

    Field Guide To Audio Gathering

    Audacity Tutorial

    Using Sound

•Video Techniques

    Vital Video

    The Interview

• Examples

   The Gulf Spill

   Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

   Teen Driving Skills For Life

•Workshop Presentations

    Story Telling

    Improving Videos